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Towering over all of the other races of Thestra are the lesser giants. As the largest and strongest race on Thestra, they are often looked upon by others with a sense of awe and bewilderment. They are not often found outside of their mountain home of Halgarad; though they only recently took refuge there with the Varanjar barbarians, having lost control of their ancestral home. The lesser giants are wary of other races, having been betrayed one too many times.

Starting Stats

  • Racial Attributes (Level 10+):
  • 10 attribute customization points each level
  • +3 Strength, and +1 Constitution per level
  • Allowed 4 points per attribute per level

Additional Bonuses

  • Large Race: 2% bonus to mitigation
  • Crafting: +10 Ingenuity
  • Harvesting: +5 Lumberjacking

Primary Diplomacy Expression

  • Inspire

Racial Ability

Starting Area

It used to be Halgarad, but as one of the changes preparing the game to free to play transition, all of the races from Thestra are united on the same starting area.

Background on Lesser Giants

Hail, Giant!

You will find yourself beginning your journey from the stronghold of Derogar's Post, run by your brothers-in-arms, the varanjar clansmen. Up in the vast, snow-capped mountains, down the road from Halgarad, you will begin your training with others of your kind, the hurskovar, often referred to by others as lesser giants. Many hardships face you now, and it is fortunate that you are no stranger to burden.

Cast out of the ancestral stronghold of Falgarholm by your brethren, your people have found they are slowly losing their great size and strength. Making matters worse is the betrayal of the Bloodhowler vulmane who drove out the hurskovar protectors from the Vault of Heroes, casting a shadow over the Southern Highlands.

In response to this treason, your kind now huddle around fires in Halgarad, sharing in the meager hunts, and helping fend off the onslaught of depraved Bloodhowler vulmane and vicious Broken Fang gnolls.

As your people fade into memory, a choice must be made by all lesser giants. Will you honor your pact to help the smaller races in the highlands, or will you choose to turn your back on that promise, much like the gods have done to you?

Torsheim, father, heed our call.