Leth Nurae

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Leth Nurae detail.jpg
Leth Nurae by night
Chunk Leth Nurae.png Chunk: Leth Nurae
Continent: Thestra
North Chunk: Silverlake
West Chunk: Renton Keep
South Chunk: Forest's Heart
East Chunk: Veskal's Exchange
Closest Riftway: Renton Keep or Veskal's Exchange
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Perched on the smooth stone plateaus in the centre of the Elven Forest sits the city of Leth Nurae. Polished copper and intricate lattice work adorn the clean and precisely etched limestone structures that dot the landscape high above the Queen's Lake beneath the city. A cobblestone walking path meanders through the city connecting the Florendyl Palace on one end with the Order of the Eternal Rose on the other. Leth Nurae is centrally located on the continent making it a primary hub for travelling merchants and adventurers of all shapes and sizes. The city is serene and quiet which is in stark contrast to much of the surrounding area.

The forest holds many mysteries, but none more troubling than those revolving around the Kaon corruption that is spreading like wildfire. While the city remains mostly safe, the outpost of Len Variel is beset on all sides by Kaon. Once beautiful forest fae have been twisted and deformed, and this corruption is said to be spreading to the Elves themselves.

The often maligned truce between the Elves and Vulmane has slowly been turning sour and renegade members of the Bloodholwler Clan have been seen stalking hunters who patrol the northern border of the Elven Forest. The Order of the Eternal Rose has been given a mandate by the Queen to detain and interrogate any vulmane found within the Elven Forest. Orders to kill have been decreed should any intruder not comply.


Quest NPC Vendor Boss