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Upper Wing
Lower Wing

This wing is part of the Ancient Port Warehouse.



  • A Hub Portal (Questgiver Malachite)
  • B Nexas Portal (Summons work in this room)
  • C The Great Hanger


Other Encounters

  • Mezable
    • Cartheon Dark Knight (Does spiritual damage)
    • Cartheon Blackhammer (Stuns)
    • Cartheon Bonebreaker
    • Failed Mage (AoE Arcane damage and snare)
    • Warehouse Compendium
    • Treatise of Telon (Arcane damage)
    • Book of Rites (Arcane damage)
  • Unmezable
    • Cartheon Banshee (AoE Silence & Arcane damage)
    • Cartheon Sage (Spiritual damage)
    • Cartheon Archivist (Heals from Arcane & Arcane damage)
    • Spectral Tome of Sorcery (Arcane damage)
    • Cartheon Tome
    • Cartheon Lexicon (All energy AoE drain at the begining of the fight, small AoE fire damage and energy drain over time)
    • Cartheon Victor
    • Cartheon Subjugator (AoE fire damage)
    • Cartheon Scholar (Arcane damage, fire damage)
    • Sky Pirate (Mesmerise for 30sec)
    • Sky Pirate Sentry (Mesmerise for 30sec)
    • Sky Pirate Enforcer (Mesmerise for 30sec)
    • Sky Pirate Lieutenant (Mesmerise for 30sec)
    • Cartheon Wingwraith (Fly & heal from Arcane)
    • Sky Pirate Engineer (AoE cold damage)
    • Sky Pirate Technician Tidal Spray (AoE cold damage)
    • Cadaverous Troll (AoE physical damage & a lot of hit points)
    • Sky Pirate Engineer and Sky Pirate Technician (will place a bomb in a random raider's inventory. bomb can be dropped out of inventory to avoid damage, the bomb will then appear to the floor and will detonate if hit by an AoE. If it explodes, it will do cold damage)

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