List of Dungeons

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Name Level Range Chunk
Achatlan Lair (Spider Caves) 27-32 Veskal's Exchange
Aeokor Zhi 25-30 Hathor Zhi
Ancient Port Warehouse 48-55 Innovus
Arcanium 07-12 Leth Nurae
Arks of Harmony (Arks of Refuge) 09-12 Jalen's Crossing
Azebaj Hive 10-15 Qa Riverbank
Bloodhowler's Cave 07-11 Dahknarg
Bridge of Destiny 50-55 Bridge of Destiny
Cairnworth Hall 17-24 Silverlake
Cave of the Urugog 10-14 Vault of Heroes
Cavern of Notzgha 13-17 The Temple of Dailuk
Chrysol Mines 16-20 Tauthien Delta
City of Brass 55 Sands of Sorrow
Coppermend's Delving 08-09 Bordinar's Cleft
Cyclop's Tower (Imanjal Tower) 20-24 Skrilien Point
Dargun's Tomb Dungeon 30-44 Dargun's Tomb
Dark Eye Hold 31-35 Northern Highlands
Dazar 36-42 Tar Janashir
Dreadfang Hovel 33-36 Southwatch
Earthbound Souls Cave 01-03 Dahknarg
Falderhol 38-42 Fields of Despair
Falgarholm Dungeon (Thorsheim) 26-30 Falgarholm
Fallen Lyceum of Ingolas 30-35 Kaon's Rush
Fanx Caverns 04-08 Martok
Flordiel 43-50 Flordiel
Gardens of Xia'Liu 10-16 Wildgrowth Forest
Glade of the Lost 04-07 Ca'ial Brael
Graystone 39-44 Beranid Hills
Grotto of the Sea Hags 21-26 Hag's Coastline
Gulgrethor Fortress 12-15 Sundering Wastelands
Gwartak Moleshark Pen 06-10 Bordinar's Cleft
Haekemesh Excavation 12-16 Lomshir Plain
Hilsbury Manor 23-28 Misthaven Crossing
Hive of Zihurr 20-25 Renton Keep
Hold of Intangibility 20-24 Shoreline Ruins
Ichtakhta 43-50 Ichtakhta
Imanjul Sacellum 18-23 Skrilien Point
Infineum Mines (Infineum Plateau) 22-25 Coterie Infineum Sanctuary
Infineum Sanctuary 25-30 Coterie Infineum Sanctuary
Island of Garuzamut 50-55 Island of Garuzamut
Islands of Madness Dungeon 38-43 Islands of Madness
Jade Depths 26-30 Veskal's Exchange
Kalendra's Coven 20-25 Skrilien Point
Karrus Alljur 34-36 Karrus Hakrel
Karrus Ennir 34-36 Karrus Hakrel
Karrus Fahrel 12-16 Jharru Flats
Karrus Hakrel Dungeon 36-40 Karrus Hakrel
Khegor's End 13-18 Three Rivers Village
Khenvor 10-14 Wildgrowth Forest
Ksaravi Gulch Dungeon 15-21 Ksaravi Gulch
Ksavari Hollow 07-11 Khal
Lair of the Drake Raiders 35-40 Thelaseen
Lair of the Green Witch 09-12 Lomshir Plain
Lair of the Vi'Rak 52-55 Ruins of Vol Tuniel
Library of Mekalia 07-11 Mekalia
Magi Hold Dungeon 50-55 Magi Hold
Mnalus Caves 45-50 Swamps of Rumug
Nusibe Necropolis Dungeon 45-50 Nusibe Necropolis
Oathbreaker Cave 08-10 Bordinar's Cleft
Old Targonor 45-50 Old Targonor
Old Targonor Keep 45-50 Old Targonor
Orcbane Mine 07-11 Vault of Heroes
Palace of Erthena (River Palace) 34-41 River Palace
Pantheon of the Ancients 50-55 Strand of the Ancients
Poisonous Cavern 40-45 The Fallen Cove
Ra'Jin Stronghold 08-11 Tanvu
Rahz Inkur Dungeon 43-50 Rahz Inkur
Rakshasa Citadel 40-45 Sunset Pointe
Red Sparrow Depths 29-32 Southwatch
Remains of Castle Landsview 20-25 Coastal Graveyard
Riftseeker's Torrent 08-15 Tursh Village
Rille's Strike 03-07 Bordinar's Cleft
Rindol Storehouse 04-08 Tursh Village
Rockspine Lair 05-09 Pankor Zhi
Shidreth Mines‎ 24-28 Coterie Infineum Sanctuary
Shores of Darkness 50-55 Shores of Darkness
Skawlra Rock 20-26 Skawlra Rock
Spire of Decakin 35-40 Spires Keep
Stonesmasher Enclave 15-18 Three Rivers Village
Tehatamani Empire 45-55 Tehatamani Harbor
Temple of Dailuk 24-30 The Temple of Dailuk
Terra Veleri Caverns 30-31 Zossyr Hakrel
Tharridon's Scar 20-25 Renton Keep
The Crushing Burden of Shadow 50-55 Misthaven Crossing
The Fallen Temple of Vol Tuniel 30-35 Ruins of Vol Tuniel
The Serpent of Sihari 08-11 Lomshir
The Velerium Mines 42-44 Lost Canyon
Tomb of Aanak Vor'dan 35-37 Tar Janashir
Tomb of Lord Tsang 16-22 The Tomb of Lord Tsang
Trengal Keep 22-30 Trengal Keep
Trickster's Haven 40-45 Razad
Vault of Heroes Dungeon 10-15 Vault of Heroes
Vault of the Hidden 38-48 Jathred's Twist
Velkatik's Hollow 29-34 Qa Riverbank
Veshkas Monastery 18-18 Misthaven Crossing
Village of the Toxicans 12-15 Qa Riverbank
Vsurog Moor (Gorgaluk) 43-50 Vsurog Moor
Wailing Wind Asylum 10-13 Blighted Lands
Xennumet 45-50 Mind's Crown
Zossyr Hakrel Dungeon 30-35 Zossyr Hakrel