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Chunk Lomshir.png Chunk: Lomshir
Continent: Qalia
North Chunk: Lomshir Coast
West Chunk: Fathesi Steppe
South Chunk: Hathor Zhi
East Chunk: Lomshir Plain
Closest Riftway: Hathor Zhi
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Not far from the human city of Khal on the western Ahgramun Coast lies the small village of Lomshir. While the Varanthari barbarians generally prefer a more nomadic lifestyle, the clan council felt the need to establish a more permanent settlement to aid in the transport of goods coming to and from Ahgram and Khal. Several similar sized villages have been springing up in nearby areas across the western deserts and coastline. The residents prefer open spaces and there is always plenty of room for grazing and breeding of the dark horse stallions the area is famous for.

The appearance of the cat-like Kurashasa has placed a burden on the village as the elders agreed to accommodate these guests without inconveniencing their livestock. A series of intricate tents on the outskirts of the village have been assembled to temporarily house these new 'guests'.

Directly south of Lomshir in the twisting canyons of Qarath live the dark elves of Hathor Zhi. While the elves seem content to remain within the crags, there have been several recent reports of hostile activity from the scouts at the edge of the plains. Be wary also of a vessel that recently beached on the northern shore. While wayward ships washing up on the shore can be common, a town elder claims to have witnessed what he called a 'shadowy fiend' dart into the collapsed hull of the boat as the sun was rising.


Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss