Lord Morkan Elgosh

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Lord Morkan Elgosh.png Name: Lord Morkan Elgosh
Level: 58
Difficulty: 6
Race: Human
Type: Druid
Location: Graystone - The Mysterious Essence,
at the marker "o" on the dungeonmap.
Chunk: Beranid Hills

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Stormcaller's Fury VI: Lightning Proc Chance: 30%.
  • Talisman of the Eclipse: Strength: +42, Vitality: +70.
  • Natureskin: Fire and Physical Resist: +196.
  • Naturewood Talisman: Armor Class: +168, Hit Points: +31536, Damage Shield.
  • Infusion of the Pantheon:
  • Piercing Roots:
  • Blast:


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