Magi Hold Dungeon

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Magi Hold is a level 50+ dungeon revamped on the February 10th, 2010. It was previously a low level dungeon and is located in the chunk Magi Hold.

Patch Message

Magi Hold is an Imperial Research Facility in Kojan run by the Imperial Head Magi Zosun. It was strictly off-limits to trespassers, who were attacked on sight. Some of the Empire’s best sorcerers and sages worked there, protected by the elite warriors of the Imperial Guard. Their work was a closely guarded secret. Those who went there, despite the dangers, spoke of massive amounts of Imperial war golems inside and strange experiments with exotic creatures. While there have always been rumors and whispers of horrible experiments and strange rituals being performed down there, rumors that the Emperor has always denied and quashed instantly, things seem to have intensified as of late. Zosun is actually facing defections from the Guard who think he has gone mad. His second in command, Imperial Officer Rekai, has been using brute force to silence any opposition that remains.

The Emperor is strangely silent about the affair, but there are immediate requests of help from Imperials who oppose Zosun, led by Officer Naji Sevenblade. Even those with grievances with the Empire are welcome.

Whatever is happening in Magi Hold threatens all of Telon.

Every mercenary, every adventurer, every hero is needed.


Magi Hold: Chapter 1 contains a wide range of solo and group content for levels 50+.

You can find quest boards leading to Magi Hold in New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan.

See Naji Sevenblade in the Magi Hold barracks before the furnace room to start the first part of the main quest line, or her assistant Shou Kai Skyfall for side quests.

Magi Hold Items

You can find a list of the droped and quest items on the specific page.

Magi Hold Quests

Initial Quest

  • Name TBC: Locate a notice board in New Targonor, Ahgram or Tawar Galan, and report to Naji Sevenblade within Magi Hold, to begin the quest series.

Once you reach the Magi Hold, you'll be able to obtain quests from different NPCs:

Known Encounters

Inside the dungeon

Outside the dungeon