March 1, 2013 patch note

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Love is in the Air


  • Tutorial
    • Tutorial triggers should not retrigger after being seen once.
    • Previously, anytime you went near any starting spawn location, you would be given these triggers again, even though you already had them. Now, you should be able to walk near these areas over and over again and not receive the same tutorial triggers.


  • When players first create characters, their strategy decks will now be populated with some basic cards to use.
  • Certain tutorial quests for diplomacy now automatically add cards to the player’s deck.


  • Fijar The Builder has arrived in the City of Brass. Experienced Crafters (level 50+) should seek her out for new crafted Imbued Enhancement recipes.
  • A new NPC type and two additional loot tables have been added to the City of Brass to support the new Imbued Enhancement recipes.


  • New items have been added to the Marketplace. Check the new items tab for further details!


  • Fixed many typos in Torkald Who Mourns dialogue.
  • Alagan should now despawn at the end of the fight.


  • Added an appearance to the Cursed Bow of the Orb.
  • Another round of 1000+ items were changed to have their stats recalculated.
  • Idol of Adroitness of the Shadow Prowler now correctly shows a required level of 50.
  • Fixed a typo with Satchel of Winter's Lure.
  • Starting March 1st, Valus chests will no longer drop as Sihari starts influencing Telon.
  • Fixed issue with Valus' mounts being spelled Valus's.
  • Fixed typo with Valus’ Manticore of Justice.
  • Fixes typos with the Visage of Dryad.
  • Fixed an issue where Valus' Unicorn of Justice referenced Ghalnn.


  • Psionicist
    • Union of Thought I and II will now allow those who cast these abilities to use the /mindsay channel.
  • Druid
    • Corrected the tooltip for all ranks of Sageberries incorrectly saying that Sageberries have 10 charges instead of 20.
  • Necromancer
    • Fixed an issue where Vile Ritual was missing part of its tooltip.


  • Shaman and Cleric epic procs now last for 5 seconds instead of 1 cast which before this change, caused the buff a chance of being consumed by a random proc.

UI Files Updated

  • None