March 14, 2013 patch note

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  • Dragon Bone appearance armor is now available on the Marketplace! You can purchase individual pieces to mix and match with your current gear, or you can get the whole set for a discount.


  • The Lomshir region has been revamped! Players who wish to adventure in the area can easily access it using the riftway system.
    • The affected chunks are Lomshir, Lomshir Plains, and Hag's Coastline.
    • The level range for this area has increased to 10 – 20.
    • Several new questlines and overland boss events have been added to the area.


  • The quest “They Hate the Smell” now only requires 3 Carmellia Seeds.


  • Sihari's Gift should now be usable by all.
  • Items that have charges can no longer stack. Currently stacked charged items can still be unstacked and their charges preserved.


  • Shimmering Souls are no longer available to harvest from skinning.


  • Fixed a bug where Paladins were receiving an additional 20% damage bonus while Aura of Divine Power was active.
  • The duration of Cleric and Shaman Epic proc has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.


  • Warrior forms should now accurately describe what they do. No functionality has been changed.