March 29, 2013 patch note

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  • Various typo bug fixes in quest dialogues.
  • The riftway to the Celestine Ward has been renamed “Wardship of the Sleeping Moon”.


  • City of Brass Civic Diplomacy:
    • Several local inhabitants now have something more to say to diplomats travelling through the City of Brass. Those that venture here to test their civic diplomacy skills will reap the rewards.


  • Fixed issues with Dragon Bone Boots and Dragon Skin Gloves.
    • These items have been relabeled as Medium and the proc should now function properly.


  • Clarified the tooltip of Warder's Bulwark to specify that it increases Melee Mitigation.
  • Clarified the functionality of the Skin of Zaygius graft.


  • RiftMaps.xml