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Martok is the city of the Orcs, in the northen island of Kojan. It's also the name of the chunk in which it sits, and of the riftway shard by which you can access to city.

Chunk Martok.png Chunk: Martok
Continent: Kojan
North Chunk: Grimsea Watch
West Chunk: Martok Sea (-21,13)
South Chunk: Wildgrowth Forest
East Chunk: Martok Coast (-19,13)
Closest Riftway: Wildgrowth Forest
Detailed Graphic: click here


The Island of Martok is the northernmost inhabitable island in the Kojani Archipelago. Centered on the this war-torn and beleaguered island sits of village of Martok. Beset on all sides by wasteland and water, Martok rises up from the centre of the war chief's hut and radiates out into several residential buildings. Martok accommodates both orcs and goblins and their domiciles are as different as their personalities. Never have two cultures been so aggressive towards others, yet so dependant on each other for their survival.

Martok has been locked in a war with the Gulgrethor clan for as long as anyone can remember, and the city is heavily patrolled and fortified to help stem incursions. Separating these warring clans is the Wildgrowth Forest. This odd valley, site of the bloodiest battles between the two, is now overgrown with lush trees and strange creatures. The Martok oracles believe the Yukionna witches have formed an alliance with the Gulgrethor and have created this magical forest to impede Martok's advancement.

Several training barges filled with new recruits have failed to return to the harbour, and are now feared lost at sea. This is the third time this long season ill-fortune has befallen our fleet. The war chief has assembled search parties, and alerted the garrison at Gaxton Village to be on the lookout for these lost recruits.


Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss