Mask of the Feral Warrior Questline

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Mask of the Feral Warrior

This special mask will not only turn you into a Vulmane, but it also allows you to gain 2 new abilities along with the illusion. One is the Vulmane racial ability (Animal Reflexes) and the other is an ability called Conduct, which allows you to heal any target for about 1128hp (refresh 45 seconds).

It is Bard and Rogue Only.


  • Starting Continent: Thestra
  • Difficulty Rating: Small Group (3 to 4)
  • Starting Quest NPC: Oddly Written Note (Dropped Item)
  • Starting Required Level: 40
  • Nearest Riftway: Lost Canyon

Gaining Trust

Finding the Note

The Lost Canyon is a place of great struggle. It is where 3 races fight to survive, and is the only place where you can find a mask only known by the name "Mask of the Feral Warrior". If you so wish to obtain a mask such as this, look no further than the Lost Canyon riftway, which will bring you to the heart of the Vulmane outpost.

Once at the outpost, make your way south. To the south you will find a camp full of goblins (around level 42-44 3dots). If you go further south, you will find another camp of goblins (42-44 2dots). Pick a camp (doesn't matter which) and start killing them off. Kill them with all your might until a note drops. You notice right away that the note is written in an odd way (Oddly Written Note). Right click the note to begin a quest.

Insight: It is said that any Reshnok Goblins or Sithar Trogoldytes will drop the note.

I Can't Read the Note

Quest: Find a Linguist

You find that you are unable to read the note, as it is written in strange, foreign symbols and glyphs. Right away you realize if you would like to get futher in this quest, you will need to find someone within the Lost Canyon that can decipher this for you. Luckily in the Vulmane camp that you riftway'd into, there is a Vulmane there that can help you.

His name is Dharrek Anshaw, and he is the Direfang Scout Leader. He will be standing near a fire, and be one of 3 Vulmane keeping themselves warm. Speak to him and hand him the note. He will immediately recognize that the language the note is written in is troglodyte. He informs you that they are at constant war with the troglodytes, but he will send this document to the proper intelligence and have it translated. But if you wish to earn more respect from him, you must do more than just bring him a simple document.

Let's Do More

Quest: Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

So you wish to earn more respect from Dharrek? Well, you will need to not just do something for him, but perform a duty for the Direfangs. Since the Direfangs are with constant war with the Reshnok Goblins and the Sithar Trogoldytes, why don't you slay some! Also, if you could collect some grenitine seeds from the fungus growths that bloom along the canyon roads, that would be great too! Do all of this, and live through it, then perhaps he'll consider trusting you more.

Well, let's start with the Reshnok Goblins. These are the goblins you killed in the first step to get the note initially. You can kill either, the 3dot goblins or the 2dot goblins (it doesn't matter which), but you will need to kill a total of 30 altogether.

On your way to the goblins, you will notice mushroom patches every so often on the paths. Loot these mushrooms and you will find that you can loot the Grenitine Seeds from them. Each mushroom will have 2 or 3 seeds that you can loot, and as you only need to collect 20 altogether, it shouldn't take you long before they are all collected.

After you have killed 30 Reshnoks and collected 20 Grenitine Seeds, you can make your way back to the Vulmane Camp. From the camp, head east and you will shortly hit a camp of Sithar Troglodytes threatening to invade the Direfang outpost. These mobs will all be around level 42-44, 3 dots, and you may need a partner to take them down. In total, you will need to slay 30 of them, so take your time and get your 30 kills.

After you have done all of this, head back to Dharrek Anshaw, maybe he will be willing to trust you a bit more.

The Mine

Location Map: The Velerium Mines

The Velerium Mine

Quest: Trying His Patience

Well, you may manage to prove yourself useful, but at the same time you are still no worth to Dharrek yet. But, maybe some more legwork will convince him. To the northwest, across the canal, there is a mineshaft called The Velerium Mines. It is infested with Reshnok and Sithar fighting each other to claim the mines as their turf. The Vulmane do not care if they kill each other off; in fact, they hope they do. But what they do care about is the ore resting within that very mountain. It is apparently very valuable, and very rare, as it's the only known location that is can be mined in.

If you were to bring some samples of that precious velerium, 20 Velerium Ore to be exact, he would be extremely grateful. Also he sent a scout into the mines six days ago, and he has not returned yet. Go and find out what happened to him and bring Dharrek Anshaw his notes! Chop Chop!

Well, mining for the ore will be a pain in the butt especially if you do not have the skill involved to do it. Luckily Elkasi Darkona, which resides in the same camp as Dharrek has some Ore for sale! Be cheap (I won't tell anyone) and buy the 20 pieces of ore from here, instead of mining for it.

Next you will have to make your way into the Velerium Mines in search of the missing Scout...

The Missing Scout

Quest: Trying His Patience

Now the Scout has been inside the mine for six days, so anything could have happened to him. The mine can be a little confusing at first, but a little time spent in there will help you get your barrings a little better. The first thing you will notice is that the mine is split up into 2 parts. One part has been taken over by the Reshnok, and the other part has been taken over by the Sithar (You will in fact make it to a fork where one way will bring you to the Reshnok area, and the other way will bring you to the Sithar area).

Insight: The Scout is located in the Reshnok section of the Mines behind a wooden wall.

When you located the Direfang Scout, he will immediately tell you to hush up and be quiet. After you explain to him that you were sent by Dharrek he calms down a bit. You ask him for his notes but he is unwilling to part with them! Why? Because he claims his notes are unfinished! Help him finish his notes and he will hand them to you to return to Dharrek.

Finishing the Notes

Quest: Reconnaissance Work

So, to finish the Scout's notes he has 4 tasks for you to do. The first involves another Direfang. You see, initially he wasn't the first Scout that was sent out to the Mines, there was one before him. Unfortunately the first Scout got captured and sent to the Jail on the Sithar side of the Mine. Find him and find his notes somewhere in that room.

So go to the Sithar side of the mine and locate the Jail with the Direfang in it. The Direfang won't talk to you (he must be traumatized), but his notes will be close by on the floor. They will be very, very tiny looking notes, but once you do find them on the ground nearby, right click them and loot the Encrypted Direfang Note.

Next he has figured out that the Sithar Beastlords have been implanting some sort of crystal into their Ardent Companions. Kill the Ardent Companions until you find a Berlucite Crystal that is not damaged. Also kill 10 of the Sithar Beastlords to slow down this process of them implanting their Companions with the crystals.

The Sithar Beastlords will be located in and around the Sithar part of the mines. Each Beastlord will have a companion following him around, so when you try to kill the Beastlord, his companion will attack you as well. Both the Beastlords and the Arden Companions can range from either 43-44, 3 dots. One thing I did notice is that there are not enough Beastlords up at one given time to get your total of 10 kills that you need, but all you will need is one respawn.

Lastely you will need to find the elusive Meskiik, The Soul Harvestor. The Direfang Scout will mention that he can be located somewhere in the Sithar section of the mine. He also mentions that Meskiik may not show his face until many Sithar have died. Now Meskiik will always spawn in the same spot on the Sithar side of the mines (in a little alcove, fairly close to the throne area). Everytime I went there, he was up, so I'm not entirely sure how many Sithar, if any at all, are needed to be killed to get him to show up. When you do see him, he will be surrounded by 3 different pets (he is the Soul Harvestor after all!). One will be an undead brownie, another one will be an undead bear, and the last one will be a skeleton, but all of then will be called Meskiik Pet (NOTE: The looks of Meskiik's pets can vary).

Now Meskiik himself is a level 44, 4 dots, while his pets are all level 42, 3 dots. So make sure you have a few people with you for this fight, as this will be a 4 mob fight (if you don't mess up). His pets are charmable, which should make this fight a little easier (if you have a charmer in your group). So kill him and loot Meskiik's Moppet of Rites.

You should now have collected all the parts the Direfang Scout has asked you to collect. Head back to the Scout and give him all the information that you have collected. He will be pleased that you have returned with all the information that he has asked for, and puts the rest of his notes together. He hands you the completed data (Sleuth Data) and asks you to return it to Dharrek Anshaw.

The Sithar Must Be Stopped

Quest: Fierce Effect of Duty

Ok so now you should have the 20 piece of Velerium Ore and the Sleuth Data. Head back to Dharrek Anshaw, he will be most displeased with the amount of time it took you to get back to him. He takes the data and looks it over with a grim face. If this data is correct, then immediate action must be taken. Apparently you have been collecting components for a recipe this whole time, and according to the recipe, there mentions a special component the Sithar Lord carries. Your task will be to slay the Sithar Lord! Unfortunately the Sithar Lord doesn't make common appearances to his followers. You will need to slay 60 of the Sithar located inside of the Mine. After you have done this, you will need to go to the Throne Room, where you will need to place the berlucite that you collected onto the alter there. This will draw out Sahgridar The Overlord!

Well this is no easy task, so definitely bring some extra people along for the ride! Go into the mines and slay any Sithar that you see. Once you have slayed your 60 Sithar head to the room where the Sithar Herald stands in front of a chair, this will be the Throne Room.

Insight: Watch out for Rashnok Assassins, as they will be free to roam the Sithar side of the Mine if you have killed all the Sithar. They will attack you and add to the final fight if they get too close.

You will notice in this room that there is an alter in the middle, with a bluish circle thing dancing on top of it. When your group has cleared this room of the mobs, you will need to right click the alter on the floor to place the berlicute onto it. This will spawn Xhalaphir, Arm of Sahgridar (around level 44, 4 dots), along with 2 Elite Champions (around level 44, 3 dots). Your group will need to slay the 3 mobs as fast as possible, as while you are killing them, something starts to appear by the throne!

Now as you are killing Xhalaphir, you will notice something burst near the throne, causing a gigantic puff of smoke to cover that whole side of the room. When this happens you know Sahgridar is almost ready to make his appearance. When the smoke goes away, there in it's place will lie Sahgridar The Overlord (around level 44, 5 dots), along with 2 of his best Sithar Warriors (around level 44, 3 dots).

This fight will be a bit harder than the Xhalaphir fight, but not by much. So have some fun with this fight and make sure Sahgridar goes down (punch him once for me!). When he goes down, make sure you loot the Sithar Lord's Stash. This is his secret stash he keeps on him for some reason! I wonder what's inside the stash! Well, you can right click it and find out. So go ahead and right click his stash. Presto, you have now uncovered 2 items. The two item are called Vial of Pure Vulmane Blood and Sahgridar's Broken Mask. Both item will be used towards making the Mask of the Feral Warrior, so do NOT destroy them by accident.

Head back to Dharrek Anshaw. He will be extremely surprised to find that Sahgridar had Pure Vumane blood! At least you have defeated him for now, but Dharrek expects that Sahgridar will be back, but at least he won't have his mask, nor the blood. Darrek will be pleased with your work, and offer you the Mask of the Feral Warrior Recipe as a reward.

Ok.. Umm.. Just a Recipe?

Quest: A Fair Trade

Ok, so you must be thinking, you killed many Reshnok's and Sithar, you helped gather lots of information, slayed the Sithar Overlord and they can't be bothered to get one of their qualified crafters to put the mask together for me!? Well, that's right. As it turns out, after translating the language on the recipe and figuring out what it entails to make this mask, Dharrek found out that none of his crafters were skilled enough to reproduce the item. Thus leaving him no choice but to give you the recipe in hope that you will one day find a crafter skilled enough to make the mask for you.

So step number one, this recipe requires certain items needed for the crafter to make the Mask for you. You have most of them already (the broken mask and the pure blood), but there are a few more that can only be found in Lost Canyon. The first would be another piece of Velerium Ore. You remember who sells them, right? Alright, fine! It's Elkasi Darkona (you remember, the person standing next to Dharrek Anshaw). The second is a piece of Grenitine Powder. This can be found on a merchant by the name of Sheski Chardak (she has no tag under her name) by the crafting tables in Lost Canyon. Here's the problem, both of these items cannot be traded, they have to be purchased by the crafter themselves! So start beggings a crafter to come to Lost Canyon with you, and show them the 2 merchants so they can purchase the 2 items needed themselves.

Mask of the Feral Warrior Components:

  • Vial of Pure Blood. Dropped by Sahgridar
  • Sahgridar's Broken Mask. Dropped by Sahgridar
  • Velerium Ore. Vendor bought (Elkasi Darkona in Lost Canyon)
  • Grenitine Powder. Vendor bought (Sheski Chardak in Lost Canyon)

After this is accomplished, hand over the recipe, the Vial of Pure Vulmane Blood and the Sahgridar's Broken Mask to the Crafter. He has all the utilities he needs right (Don't want the crafter to fail over not having enough solvent!)? Now, watch the Outfitter do their thing while you wait nervously for the results.

If all goes well, voila, you are now the owner of your very own Mask of the Feral Warrior! Congratulations are in order as this mask doesn't just have awsome stats, but it also has an effect that will turn you into a Vulmane, give you the Vulmane racial ability (Animal Reflexes) AND give you an ability called Conduct, which allows you to heal any target for about 1128hp (refresh 45 seconds). Welcome to Coolsville, my friend.


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs