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There are multiple Masterwork Crafters around Telon. I unfortunatly at this time only know of one, so I am putting this information in here, and will update as I find others. These folks will trade in your Unequalled Hearsay's, Rumors, or Evidence for Platinum Coins and it takes all 4 types for each turn-in. Example 30 Blackmail, 30 Trends, 30 Arcana and 30 Plots will net you 1 Platinium coin.


Masterwork Crafter Locations

Name Town Contient Loc
Verna Abella Tawar Galan Trading Post Kojan -50591, -58572, 1043
Name01 Town01 Contient01 Loc01


Trade Hearsay: Ancient Platinum Coin

Trade Rumors: Ancient Platinum Coin

Trade Evidence: Ancient Platinum Coin

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