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map of the central square of Mekalia-City

Mekalia is the home of the gnomes. A city underground east of Qalia.

Chunk Mekalia.png Chunk: Mekalia
Continent: Qalia
North Chunk: Tauthien Delta
West Chunk: Qa Riverbank
South Chunk: Zossyr Hakrel
East Chunk: Strand of the Ancients
Closest Riftway: Qa Riverbank
Detailed Graphic: click here


The gnomes of Qalia have never been closer to the surface of the desert. After being driven from their home in the Deep Dark, they began carving out a new empire in the Khelium Mountains. On the eastern tip of the continent, the gnomes have built an impressive stronghold united under the banner of the Underking. Drawn to the miraculous crystal formations, the gnomes created an entire city of open caverns and winding passages.

The centre of the city serves as a residential hub lined with cobblestone streets and lit by the largest chrysol shard ever unearthed. From the centre of the city players can head in any direction to one of Mekalia's guild halls. The arcane hall and warrior hall are on opposite sides of town, while to the north lies the Menagerie. Here the beauty of the outside world has been captured for all eternity. The large yellow crystals provide a natural light that attracts flora and fauna of all types. Unfortunately, khelium slime creatures are attracted to the bright lights and feed on the crystals. Players begin here in the Menagerie trying to help the city deal with the removal of these slimy nuisances.

The city opens to the Qa Riverbank to the west. Players will file out of the great city past the Hall of the Underking into the high desert to begin a journey their ancestors only dreamt of.


Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss