Memories of the Old Blood

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Memories of the Old Blood

This quest is a part of the Griffon Quest line, precisely the step 4.

Read the last sentence when you move your mouse over the parchment and then talk to Naziel again, click on the line from the parchment, he'll teleport you into the hideout of the 1st Talon Ramier O'Shear. Talk to him and, after a history of the talons and how they work, you'll get the quest.

The goal is to prove 2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong you’re worth his trust by bringing him the rings froms 6 undead bosses from Old Targonor.

Travel to Old Targonor and kill six different nameds, they will spawn after killing lots of trash mobs. Each Named gives you a ring which goes directly into your inventory, so keep free slots at all time. Every named’s spawn will be accompanied by a message on the screen, it might happen after 1 or 50 kills, there doesn’t seem to be a regular number.

Stay near the crossroads in front of the entrance to the castle. It's relatively safe, lost of mobs around it to kill and easy access to most of the nameds as they will walk by the crosssroads if you're patient enough. Obviously anti undead spells are extremely useful but Book of Morfare does not affect the nameds.

Quest text

1st Talon Ramier O'Shear:

Cassius is not a easy man to please but he is loyal and has yet to fail any task he's given. I believe this is because he does not trust anyone who has not proven themselves to him.
I know you have done much to see me but you must do one more thing before you can assist us. Summon and destroy the 6 cartheon betrayers and gather their rings. When you have done so show the rings to Cassius and you will gain his trust. Only through the destruction of the Cartheon can the spirits be revealed.

Quest Summary

Destroy zombies, skeletons and ghosts in the ruins of Old Targonor to summon the Knights of the Old Blood. Kill them and bring their rings to Cassius in New Targonor.


The Knights of the Old Blood

Here a rough summary of the knights. For more informations take a look on their pages. There is also a small map of OT and more details what they shout out, when they spawn, on the Old Targonor chunk page.


Is announced by the message: "A hissing voice..."

He comes from the west toward Gorzenag’s arch. Tiny mob that, not easy to select by mouse clicking.


Is announced by the message: "A booming voice..."

He stays at the outer wall (stationnary), North-North East of Old Targonor. You'll need 2 tanks, one for him, one for his dog.


Is announced by the message: "A cold voice..."

He walks around the outer wall (comes from East toward Gorzenag’s arch). He casts 2 Aes (one is a mana burn) so better to stay out of range. The delay between to Aes is around 1 minute.


Is announced by the message: "A voice..."

She walks around the central castle after poping between two mobs. After two turns around the castle, she enters it and depops.

Pull her on a corner, then put the tank between her and the rest of the group, so they stay as far as possible (because of her mana drain), while the tank stays in range for the heals.

Between 60 and 20%, she heals the skeletons, so keep them low, or kill one off and keep the other one low on health and try to bring her down.

At 20% she ignores the skeletons and heals herself, sometimes heals over time sometimes just a single spell. The spell itself is unstoppable so don't try.

Her mana drain requires to stay at 25 meters, not less. Litany of Enjoining sometime works but to cast it you need to get in range of the mana burn.

She doesn't hit particularly hard so one healer suffice to heal the tank.

It might be efficiant to burn her as fast as possible when she is at 20%.

Hint : To kill her a second group is nice to have with you. Your blocking/riposte will eventually kill the skeleton guard around her and so the second group train mobs to you and she heals them.


Is announced by the message: "A warm voice..."

He’s an outer walker, spawns at tower in North-East and goes to Gorgenaz’s arch.

He’s a Paladin, casts a damage shield after 2 minutes fight and stays up even if you wipe and come back.

He seems to be weak against arcane.

At 50%, he casts a « perfect shield » that immunes him from physical attacks (melee and arrows).

He also has strikethrough around 30% for 5k so try and keep your tank above 50% if possible around then. After 30% it's a straight fight.


Is announced by the message: "A growling voice..."

He spawns at North-West dome. If you're patient enough he'll come to the crossroads for you to kill. He will be walking from the chapel (to the left of you facing Old Targonor) to the cross roads. Simple burn. He has an ae stun for 2 or 3 secs.

Spawn Locations

Old Targonor Knights.jpg
  1. Meeting point, "The Rock". Close to it you can find Garzonag the Guardian
  2. Tower of Lorth
  3. Chamber of the Reanimator
  4. Entrance to Old Targonor Keep
  5. Decayed Asylum
  6. Arhklight Abbey

A Akande
B Naranda
C Tekar, Shorul, Raffen
Once spawned, they all move toward "The Rock".
Estimated path marked with a red pointed line.
D Cennfar
Roams west of OT.
Estimated path mark with a red pointed line.