Mnalus Caves

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Mnalus Caves.png

Map Tips


  • A Lift Entrance
  • B Water Tunnels Entrance


  • A Spore Chamber
  • B Spore Juggernaught Layer (use Juggernaught Drum here to spawn Efreel 50x4)
  • C Hegnerian's Temple
  • D The Antechamber
  • E The Hall of Conjury


  • a Mullosk Broodmother 50x5
  • b Zygomat 50x5
  • c Rhyzopor 50x5
  • d
  • e Tree Guy
  • f Revenant Zissh 50x5
  • g Ichorus 50x5
  • h Mutated Spore Abomination 50x5
  • i Spore Priest Event (clear all the priest around the stone mound)
  • j Kolik inside the small cave and the queen above it.

Known Encounters