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Class monk.png
Type: Offensive Fighter
Primary Stat: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution.
Armor: Medium Armor.
Weapons: Bladed Staff, Martial Staff, Martial Sword, Hand Wraps, Ulak and Claws, Knuckles.
Shields: No
Special Abilities: Jin, Feign Death, Drunken Stance.
Diplomacy Expression: Demand Diplomacy Demand Icon.png
Free to play restriction: None.


The Monk is an offensive fighter with a diverse array of damage dealing, debuffing and defensive skills. They make use of a combat generated inner force called Jin, which can be unleashed to devastating effect.

Fast and deadly, the Monk strives to achieve physical perfection. Monks can harness Jin, an internal power source, to achieve extraordinary feats in and out of combat. Monks are able to join one of three martial schools, each with its own unique abilities. Choose the raw power of dragon mastery, frustrate opponents as a drunken master or choose the subtle and deceptive power of harmonious body mastery. Monks wear medium armor and prefer martial style weapons, including martial swords, staves and hand to hand weapons.


Monk Abilities


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Monk Armor Sets

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