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Naranda the Grotesque.png Name: NARANDA THE GROTESQUE
Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Undead
Type: Caster
Location: Old Targonor,
in the area called Old Targonor Keep
Chunk: Old Targonor

Naranda the Grotesque is a level 53, 6 dots named mob related to the Griffon Quest line, more specifically the Memories of the Old Blood quest.

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Breath of redemption: heal over time
  • Lust of the Grotesque: 30% Rune to piercing, crushing and slashing, drains energy and endurance every 5 seconds from the enemies in the area
  • Consecrate: Damage -40%.
  • Umbral Bond: Everytime the target of this effect deals damage, a percentage will be turned back on the casterin the form of health.
  • Touch of the Forgotten: Stunned.


She heals herself almost continually during the fight, so she must be countered all the time, otherwise, the fight will never end.

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