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This quest is a part of the Griffon Quest, more precisely the step 3.

Captain Naziel Brockman wants you to collect 3 items :

FUNGAL ABOMINATION gives the Infused Fungus Spore and is not a raid mob, Torlaxis isn't overly hard and PHARAOH HARAKHAN is a long mission with a hard fight at the end.

Infused Fungus spore (FUNGAL ABOMINATION in Swamps of Rumug)

You start at the Mnalus Caves in Swamps of Rummug. You will need to kill, in this order: Prince Mledun (1 hour respawn) who will call his mother for help, Queen Amanita who drops the blood you need to make her husband angry, KING MNAL who drops the Stipe of King Mnal and you must loot it, it's an personal loot and ARCH MAGUS HEGNERIAN who drops the Sphere of Magic (which appears in your inventory) that you need to create the Magic Mushroom needed to call the Fungal Abomination (just right click on one of the items to make the Magic Mushroom). As long as someone has the Queen’s blood you can skip the Prince but everyone in your group MUST kill both the King (for Stipe of King Mnal) and Hegnerian (Sphere of Wind Magic).

Be warned : Anyone with the blood of the queen in their inventory will aggro the king so make sure they are far away from the king while you prepare. The king will call all mobs around him which includes nameds you might have missed. Kill everything within say 100 meters of the king quickly and then heal, rebuff (Levitate is needed) and go for the king. As long as you get most of the extra mobs the king isn't too difficult.

Hegnerian is a winding route away from the king (Levitate is strongly suggested); around the pool you originally surfaced from and you should reach his area quickly. It's easier to just invis down to him but remember that you can't summon into that particular area. Here are the steps to access Hegnerian :

  • Raea the Phage (he will spawn 30 mins after the previous group killed Hegnerian), just kill it.
  • Myrdicos the Binder : After the Raea’s door, have one character (floating is easier to get there but not necessary) go to an opening high to your left (West), one straight across and down (North) and one to the right opening (East). Have the rest of your group down in the central room. In each opening there is a room, get to the far corner and wait. The key is to seal the books in sequence : West, East then North. Once sealed in that order, a mob (Myrdicos) should have spawned. Kill it and go down the stairs.
  • Euralon the Timeweaver : Have all gather around the hour glass without clicking it. Get the leader to click it and the tank will aggro the mob (Ephemeral Minstrel) and attack. Keep her near the hour glass. At 20% of her health stop attacking. Do not kill her. At 20% she will scream and despawn back to the side of the room. Do this twice more. After the third scream the hour glass will shatter and despawn and Euralon will spawn at the sparkly door you entered the room from. Kill it and then go down the winding stairs.
  • Hegnerian : You should see him. Casters and healers go to the statue in the middle of the sunken room and stay there. Even clerics stay at that fountain, just heal and cast. Main tank and any other melee class go down and attack. Hegnerian has a pushback that the levitate negates and he has a summon. He also creates blue pentagrams on the floor. They hurt a lot so have the fighters walk around the room with him following. This should keep the pentagrams from sucking the life away from tanks. Other than that it’s pretty easy. If healer or caster gets summoned to Hegnerian just run back. The Sphere of Wind Magic needed to get to the Fungal Abomination will appear in your inventory.

Once Hegnerian is killed, you need to loot him then you will be able to create Magic Mushrooms by right clicking the Stipe of King Mnal and you should have the mushroom in your inventory (you can loot the Stipe and the Essence of the Wind in whichever order you want).

Once you have the Magic Mushrooms, go to the Fungal Abomination spot on your map. It cannot be done with a raid, 6 characters max only (even if this mob is raid locked), make it pop and kill it.

The Fungal Abomination hits for 5-9k (depending on mitigation), immune to everything, can run fast and summons. the Fungal Abomination also summons poisonous or explosive spores to help him every 10 secs. The trick is to get the tank to walk backwards all the time (use the /walk command). For those more coordinated, wait for the Fungal Abomination to lift his hands meaning he's just about to drop a spore and have tank to walk back a few paces (best trick is to follow the road) with ranged and healers at maximum range facing the Fungal Abomination (so behind the tank), to avoid spores. It also has a Stance that must be broken.

Once you loot the Infused Fungus Spore, your Magic Mushroom should disappear.

Beating Heart of Harakhan (PHARAOH HARAKHAN in Nusibe Necropolis Dungeon)

This part is relatively straight forward. Go into Nusibe Necropolis, to the embassy and then reach Ozymandius. He'll send you to put the pharaoh back together. For this you need 50 of Harakhan's Mummy Wraps (you do not need to have the mission from Ozymandius to collect the mission requisites) and his different body parts that drops from different nameds in the Nusibe Necropolis : head, upper torso, lower torso and heart. Go back, to Ozymandius, summon the Pharaoh and kill it.

Mummy Wraps are trash mobs around entrance to Nusibe Necropolis while drops are :

  • Heart - PHARAOH SHEKHAN NKOSA : In a separate area to all the other body parts do this singularly because it is a significant distance from all the other body parts ; you turn off to the embassy before reaching the core.
  • Upper Torso - High/Grand Vizier Harakhty and Xefti: From core straight up middle staircase, do this one first once you get to the core.
  • Lower Torso - Xefti : Upon entering core go down on the left side of the middle staircase. Follow through and down another flight of stairs to the embassy go straight through without turning and you'll reach a main chamber. Xefti is to your right in this chamber. He’s level 51 - 5 dots. Do this second.
  • Head of Pharaoh Harakhan - Kehepfa Asim (king) : From Xefti face the chamber with your back to the wall. 3 doorways, one where you entered (now on your left) one straight ahead and one on your right. Take right doorway. Fight through and you will reach another open chamber with a balcony. The balcony faces lots of tombs with Asim in far corner. Be Carefull, at 75%, 50% and 25%, he will call several mobs to him, millipedes, cats and finally xakrin bipeds. He also has a critical hit that really takes a lot out of the tank. Be prepared with a lot of pre-hit healing.

Harakhan has a short range mana tap, a long range blind ae and a debuff that decreases casting range, forcing to move closer each time. He is of course an undead. He summons. He also has a tendency to shift aggro, so the tank must focus on that.

The main healer should stay at the limit of healing range of the tank, behind the Pharaoh, and the ranged fighters stay at the limit of healing range from the healer, so they avoid, as much as possible, the AE from Pharaoh. Once the tank hold his aggro, the idea is to kill him as quick as possible, because the debuff decreasing range forces everyone to come inside the AE zone.

Vial of Torlaxis' Bubbling Saliva (Torlaxis in Rahz Inkur Dungeon)

The aim is to get blood from the Efreetis (only drops from Palace’s mobs) and then pour them on the seal inside the main foyer of the Palace. It is a revolving magical circle at the back of the foyer behind 6 or so beetles and MAJORDOMO DJARN's spot.

There was a trivial loot code that reduced drop rate of blood when there is a wide level range in the group and/or when there was lvl 54-55 members in the group. This code has been removed.

Pour the blood and there's a probability Torlaxis will spawn, common spawn is Hound of Rahz. Bring a decent amount of blood, 3 or 4 is not enough, 15 is more accurate. Kill the beast and grab the saliva.

Head back to Captain Naziel Brockman and he'll give you a parchment (a poem).