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Class necromancer.png
Type: Caster
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Wands, Focus, Staves, Daggers
Weapon Specialization: None
Shields: No
Special Abilities: Pets, Minions, Feign Death, Deathtouch
Diplomacy Expression: Demand Diplomacy Demand Icon.png
Free to play restriction: None.


The Necromancer is an offensive caster with dominion over unlife and power to animate terrible undead allies.

Masters of unlife after death, Necromancers have the power to perform such feats as raise undead minions from the remains of fallen opponents, hurl spears of bone at enemies, or cause the corpse of a dead enemy to explode with devastating force. Necromancers can also summon a powerful abomination that will act as a constant companion to their masters. Abominations can equip items, gain levels and grow in power and size as their master gains increasing power. Instead of flashy direct damage spells, Necromancers prefer the slow death of decay and disease or sucking the life from their foes. The Necromancer has limited access to armor and weapons and has very little martial skill.


Necromancer Abilities

Abomination Grafts


Necromancer Quests


Necromancer Armor Sets

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