November 29, 2012 patch note

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Free to Play

  • Free to Play accounts can now equip all uncommon (blue) items. This opens up nearly 20,000 new armor and weapon options for free players!
  • Remember, free accounts have always been able to use blue crafted gear.
  • Your local crafter is able to make equipment with the stats you desire, so check the auction house or inquire in the crafting channel to place your orders.

City of Brass

  • Eldritch Banishment and Eldritch Vulnerability should now work properly (and also affect the Plane of Fire efreeti).
  • Some of the City of Brass quest-related items have had their text clarified.Players assisting Thoun should now be looking for a sword amongst the treasures that the efreeti have gathered.
  • The quest "Fresh Results" is now properly listed as a group quest and displays the intended level range.
  • Planar orb traps should now use their abilities less frequently.
  • Planar Rupture should now have its stun status negated when stun immunity abilities are active.
  • Bosses defeated within the City of Brass should now award your chosen faction's Platinum Coins.


  • Introducing a new consumable item: the Rez Gem. This handy bauble lets any race or class target a fallen player for resurrection.
    • Note: The gem will be consumed when you right-click it, so be sure the person you're targeting is ready and willing to accept the rez.
    • Should you die somewhere hard to reach, you can use a Rez Gem to revive yourself on the spot where your tombstone is located. Just be sure you don't target your own tombstone accidentally if you really intended to use it on another player!
  • The XP Debt Removal potion is now tradable.


  • Client and server optimizations and memory leak fixes are ongoing. This update includes several improvements, and more are in progress.


  • The following boss fights for the Pantheon of the Ancients daily quests have been adjusted to make completing the quests more desirable: Itelik, Dornesh Floren, Hilgra Helopa, Narish Shiekal.
  • Killer sharks no longer hunt the waters near the Bridge of Destiny.
  • Apprentices on the Bridge of Destiny are once again attackable by raid forces.
  • Cured Fairy Truthseekers, Agent Nuraga, Agent Zyrax, and Agent Jargo should now have appropriate factions.


  • Strike of Skamadiz VII now properly triggers melee finishers.


  • Named mobs encountered in overland areas and dungeons are now more likely to drop their rare loot. This change will be most pronounced at lower levels, tapering off as levels increase.
  • The Jhaaru Blade of Sacrifice is now flagged as Bind on Equip.
  • Uncommon enhancements should no longer drop on the Bridge of Destiny. Instead, they have been replaced by rare enhancements.
  • The Jharru Initiate now has a chance to drop loot carried by the apprentices.
  • Tharridon's Hair Necklace has been changed to an earring with enhancement slots.
  • Tharridon's Mighty Maul now works properly with two-handed weapon skills.


  • Flying mounts and boats are once more usable around the Bridge of Destiny.

Festival of Gloriann

  • As the Festival of Gloriann approaches, new lockboxes themed for the goddess will begin appearing in the world (starting December 1). Use skeleton keys, obtainable in the Marketplace, to open them.
  • Those blessed with good fortune may find rare and desirable artifacts inside:
    • Festive horses wearing red and green armoro A merry lobster and a jolly wyrm
    • A winged wyrm that trails ice particles as it flies.
    • A potent charm infused with Gloriann's essence.
    • In addition to valuable items, chests have a chance to reward a bonus holiday tree which can be used to decorate your home.

UI Files Updated