November 8, 2012 patch note

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This update includes hundreds of fixes to stair traversal, holes in the terrain, floating objects, improper collision, and many other environment art bugs. Please continue to /bug and report issues you find on the forums. We will address further issues as we find them.

Further optimizations have been made to zone and client memory usage.


The Marketplace window now allows you to preview mounts, illusions, pets, and most other items that have a visual appearance.

Check out the latest batch of new items available for purchase:

  • Visage of an Efreet - Makes your character look like an efreeti.
  • Vanity Pet: Clucky - Summons Clucky the chicken to be your companion.
  • Vanity Title: The Gobbler - Just in time for Thanksgiving, grants your character the title of The Gobbler.
  • Petamorph: Falcon - Changes the appearance of your shaman, necromancer, or ranger epic pet to that of a falcon.
  • Mount: Bordinar's Black Boar - There's nothing boar-ing about showing off this handsome mount.
  • Mount: Florendyl’s Golden Leopard - Summon your very own leopard mount to ride.
  • Mount: Sabari’s Brown Lynx - Explore the wilderness atop your very own lynx.
  • Mount: Tahbird’s Black Swordbeak - Take a ride on this handsome swordbeak.


  • Apprentices on the Bridge of Destiny will no longer use Jharuu Shock. They now have a 10-minute respawn with a 60-minute lockout. Drop rates for their rarest drops have been increased.
  • Faylen Sours, Vexhen Zharien, and Kalian Frumar have been assigned appropriate factions so that they no longer have white names.


  • Dread Knight: Armor of Darkness stance will now generate 50% hate per attack instead of 40%.
  • Warrior: Stances now correctly display a buff icon.
  • Monk: Aum Kor, Aum Ti, and Aum Liat are now toggled abilities that no longer expire.
  • Cleric: Holy Fire, Power of Renewal, and Power of Reprisal will no longer drop off after 72 minutes.
  • Blood Mage: The Serak's Mantle and Blood Gift lines have been renumbered to reflect correct rankings.
  • Bard: The bard secondary epic now has an additional buff that controls the visuals of the ability so that it can clicked off.
  • Fixed a bug causing the range of certain abilities to be extended by stats not related to ranged buffs.
  • Fixed some longstanding bugs preventing damage mods from properly updating numbers in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Presence from updating in the UI when new gear is equipped.


  • Tier 3 weapons dropped in Lair of the Vi'Rak now have a soul slot.
  • Iradun's rings awarded for completing the "Aukfruit Shamblers" quest have now have reduced stats appropriate for their item level.
  • Diplomacy containers will no longer display their item type twice.


  • Pantheon of the Ancients daily quests will each grant five Tranquil Spirit Slivers if the player has gotten to that part of their epic quest.
  • “The Crux of Cairnworth Hall” has had its level adjusted to 25 and will now reward appropriate experience.
  • Every player will now receive The Houndmaster's Torque if they are on "The Crux of Cairnworth Hall" and kill Joris the Houndmaster.
  • “The Crux of Castle Landsview” is now marked as level 24.
  • The Landsview Scribe is no longer attackable.
  • Jeweled Armband of Ashiji and Golden Armband of Razranu will now be received by all players on “The Crux of Castle Landsview”.
  • All players on “The Crux of Trengal Keep” will now get a Meteor Ring of Nishek when Nishek is killed.
  • The drop rate for Paw of Galanash has been increased.
  • The drop rate for Tattered Landsview Parchment has been increased.
  • The drop rate for Nishek's Bladed Whip has been increased.

UI Files Updated

  • VGUICommerceWnd.xml