Nusibe Necropolis Dungeon

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This dungeon is located in Nusibe Necropolis and has a level range from 45-50.

Nusibe Necropolis Dungeon 2.gif Nusibe Necropolis Dungeon 1.gif


  • Penetrating The Core

It is recommend doing this Quest ASAP. It will save you loads of grinding to and from Lord Neferset’s room. It is also handy for grouping adventures down into the 4dot areas avoiding the entrance trash mobs. When you enter Neferset’s room inspect a skelly on the ground just to the North of the NPC before the ramp. (Quest spot 2 on the map) Upon examination you find a scroll.

The scroll opens a Quest to assemble the Blade of Hekketat. Head to the Warrior Halls at location B and grind until you find the hilt and blade. Once the dagger is assembled you can head back to Lord Neferset’s room and on to the core. Stab the blade into the Core and it should teleport you out front. (If you stab the core but don't get teleported you'll have to make it out front before the quest will finish.) Now when you arrive at the front of Nusibe you can click on the interactive Obelisk before the stairs for a free ride to the core. (Marked at location 5 on the map.)

  • Afrit Weapons Quest Line
    • An Unworthy Plea (Requires 1k Afrit Faction before it is offered) Travel into the lands of the Lost Mordebi Empire and enter the Nusibe Necropolis. Find the lord of the keepers in the great hall and speak to him.
      • Raiding the Tombs Find Berakut in the Tomb of Raiders and retrieve a suitable hilt for the weapon.
        • Energizer Mummies Obtain 50 ardent bond crystals from the residents of Nusibe Necropolis
          • The Missing Shards Find 3 shards of Arazmus and 5 fragments of Arazmus. These are random drops around Nus but Named always drop one or the other. IF you only have a small group the 3dots at the start can be farmed to get you started.
            • Rebuilding the Weapon Speaking with Lord Neferset teleportes your group to the Flare of Tehatamani. At the corners of the Pyramid you will see 4 pillars with a Guardian on each. Kill the 4 guardians then return to flare up top. CLick on the flare to recieve the flare emblem then touch your weapon against the flare to charge it. Return to Lord Neferset.

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