Officer Masuke Whitewind

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Officer Masuke Whitewind.png Name: Officer Masuke Whitewind
Level: 57
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Kojani
Location: On a moutain peak, close to the entrance of the dungeon
Chunk: Magi Hold

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Furious Rage: Auto Counterattack. Melee damage reduced: 50%. Spell damage reduced: 100%.
  • Greater Stance: Defensive. Mitigation: +75%.
  • Greater Stance: Offensive. Damage: +50%
  • Poison: Poisoned Blade.


After 70% Masuke will start activating his Furious Rage every 56 seconds. He announces this in NPC Say channel, a few seconds before it activates, with the message "Now I'm FURIOUS! Prepare to die fools!".

When this happens, everyone must stop attacking, both melee and spells. Any attack will give high damage to the attacker.

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