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=[[List of Dungeons|Dungeons]]=
=[[List of Dungeons|Dungeons]]=
*[[Old Targonor Keep]] (level 45-50)
*[[Old Targonor Keep]] (level 50+)

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Chunk Old Targonor.jpg Chunk: Old Targonor
Continent: Thestra
North Chunk: Seas of Mist
West Chunk: Seas of Mist
South Chunk: Heroes' Plain
East Chunk: Plains of Anguish
Closest Riftway: Plains of Anguish
Detailed Graphic: click here


Known quests

Known encounters

Quest NPC Mob Boss
Essence of the Dirgesinger Garzonag the Guardian
AKANDE THE BUTCHER ("A booming voice...")
SHORUL THE WEE ("A hissing voice...")
TEKAR THE HEARTLESS ("A cold voice...")
RAFFEN THE VAIN ("A warm voice...")
CENNFAR THE CANNIBAL ("A growling voice...")

Spawn Locations

Old Targonor Knights.jpg
  1. Meeting point, "The Rock". Close to it you can find Garzonag the Guardian
  2. Tower of Lorth
  3. Chamber of the Reanimator
  4. Entrance to Old Targonor Keep
  5. Decayed Asylum
  6. Arhklight Abbey

A Akande
B Naranda
C Tekar, Shorul, Raffen
Once spawned, they all move toward "The Rock".
Estimated path marked with a red pointed line.
D Cennfar
Roams west of OT.
Estimated path mark with a red pointed line.