Orcbane Mine

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This dungeon is located in Vault of Heroes and has a level range from 7-11.



The Slave Camp Series

Though these quests do not take you into Orcbane Mine they are the start of the questline that leads to Orcbane Mine and, ultimately, to the Vault of Heroes Dungeon.

  • [8] Investigate the Broken Fang Slave Camp (Solo)
    • [8] Find Fedora (Solo)
      • [10] Keys to the Slaving Locks (Solo)
        • [10] Slay the Slavemaster (Solo)

The Orcbane Mine Series

This questline is only available after completing the Slave Camp series of quests. These quests are part of the long quest series that leads to the Vault of Heroes Dungeon.

  • [10] Find Mishka (Group)
    • [10] Initiate the Escape of the Slaves (Group)
      • [10] Collapse the Orcbane Mines (Group)


Orcbane Mine is so named for providing the ores used by Halgar's Hammer, the foundry in Vault of Heroes that played a critical role in repelling the Orc invasion. A Vulmane rebellion ultimately led to the fall of the Vault of Heroes to the Broken Fang Clan of Gnolls and, with it, Orcbane Mine. Today Orcbane Mine is mined by the slaves of the Broken Fang Clan, still providing Halgar's Hammer with ore, now used to defend the Gnoll slave camp and defend the Vault and mine from being retaken by its rightful owners.