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Class paladin.png
Type: Protective Fighter
Primary Stat: Constitution, Strength
Armor: Heavy Armor
Weapon Types: Sword, Axe, Hammer, Mace, Club, Greatsword, Greataxe.
Weapon Specialization:
Shields: Yes
Special Abilities: Aura's, Virtue, Lay on of Hand's, Fear Immunity
Diplomacy Expression: Demand Diplomacy Demand Icon.png
Free to play restriction: Limited to level 20.


The Paladin is a righteous defensive fighter with divine powers.

Paladins are virtuous defenders of the weak and vengeful punishers of the wicked. Paladins are able to cast divine spells to bolster themselves and their allies, heal and even raise fallen comrades from the dead. They are also granted Gifts of Virtue, which enable them to call the very power of the gods to their aid. Paladins can wear heavy armor and can wield most weapons. Born protectors, paladins use heavy armors, shields and two-handed weapons as they battle the forces of evil and become even more powerful when fighting undead foes.


Paladin Abilities


Paladin Quests


Paladin Armor Sets

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