Pantheon of the Ancients Trials (Tier 2)

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Echo of Resonant Energy
Sliver of Displaced Energy
Cord of Displaced Energy

Once the Tier 1 trials are finished and the part with Ini-Herat done (draining blood, clumps of animal fat), you'll need to talk to the sentry at the second part of the Pantheon's gate. Then, as usual, you'll need to defeat it. That will give give you access to Tier 2 part of the dungeon.

It is divided in two parts: Chaos and Order. In each part, you'll find numerous mobs, non aggro, some occasional nameds that will aggro (as in Tier 1 part) and a special NPC that will give you directions in order to choose a side (Avatar of Kaerellun for the chaos, and Avatar of Alurad for the order). The first thing to do is to kill 100 mobs of the opposite side (quest called Decapitating Order for the chaos side and Decapitating Chaos for the order side), gathering their souls, and offering them to your chosen NPC.

Lost Soul of the Pure

Then, you'll be able to raise your faction with the side you've decided to go with. 5here are four different ways to increase it

  • Doing a diplomacy parley, limited to one per period of 24 hours and giving you 600 faction points each time
  • performing one of the six gods' trials (only on your chosen side)
  • killing high level mobs (KDQ mobs, APW bosses, and maybe other ones like BoD elementals), that will give you souls randomly, the souls can be offered to the NPC in your chosen hall for faction (30 faction points per soul)
  • offering money for faction (unknow rate at this point)

Each time you reach a certain amount of faction (around every 4600), in the vendor window of your hall's NPC will show a new part of the armor set:

  • 4600: Boots for 5 sealers
  • 9200: Gloves for 5 sealers
  • 13800: Shoulders for 7 sealers
  • 18400: Helm for 7 sealers
  • 2300: Greaves for 9 sealers
  • 27990: Breastplate for 12 sealers

Once you see the armor piece you want, you have to buy the Deific equivalent (at Ini-Herat, you'll need 2 Blessed Etching per piece), buy a Blessed Energy Sealer from your NPC and craft a ??? with a Cord of Displaced Energy (which is made out of an Echo of Resonant Energy and 100 Slivers of Displaced Energy), the sealer and a rare, Tier 6 resource (Wyrmsteel Ore, Mature Steelweave Bale, Petrified Timber or Supple Hide).

This craft requires the recipe that you can acquire from the master crafter in the hub where Ini-Herat stands.

Once you obtain the Spirit Soaked Sealers, you can finally buy the Tier 2 armor piece.

When you've reached sufficient faction (27500 ?), you'll have a new dialogue with your NPC that will send you to the Rift Warden, That opens the Tier 3 quests.