Panther Illusion Mask Quest

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Panther Illusion Mask

Doing this quest will result in the acquisition of a mask which has an activated ability called Illusion: Panther. This ability will turn your character into a Panther for 1 hour. The effect also gives you an added benefit of 20% to run speed (not stackable) and 5% attack speed.

Reward: Feline Veil or Catlike Visage


Shidreth Mines Location.gif

Why don't the Sirens like me?

Related Map: Shidreth Mines

Imirial the Seducer is the quest NPC that you are looking for to start this quest line. She is located just beyond the Shidreth Mines standing next to the wall in the chunk of Coterie Infineum Sanctum.

She is a Vizarian Siren, and unfortunately for you these Sirens do not like you at all. Trying to reach her you will realize that all Vizarian Sirens will try to kill you on sight! Something must be done about this if you wish to continue on your way to Pantherhood, and luckily for you it is as easy as killing their enemy.

The Siren's home are being invaded by the Shidreth Miners and they are not too happy about it. Killing the mobs in the Shidreth Mines will most certainly grant you favour with the Vizarian Sirens. Unfortunately you need a lot of favour (yes a lot!). In fact you need +12000 faction to the Vizarian Sirens before Imirial the Seducer will even talk to you. Each mob inside of the mines will grant you +25, which means you will have to kill 480 of them before you are done. The mine has 43 mobs inside of it which you can kill, each of them are lvl 27-28 (2 dot). With a little bit of math you will notice that you will have to clear the entire cave approximately 11 times! Respawn of the mine is 10 minutes.

Note: After SOE patched the factions you gain when killing a miner (iirc +75 now), you will now only need to clear the mine approximately 5 times to reach the needed faction for the sirens.
      Also you won't get KOS with the miners anymore. (unless you keep on killing them)

Every now and then you will see 4 different named mobs: Enforcer Jaffar, Enforcer Brikash, Enforcer Akram, and Enforcer Torneld. They are all level 28 (2 dot) and do drop an assortment of good gear and weapons. The biggest bonus about killing these names is the fact that you will earn +40 faction for killing them instead of the measly +25 for the regular mobs. testThey each have a Place Holder (it means they don't have to be up all the time!), but I did notice that at least one of them was up per respawn.

On the West end of the Shidreth Mines lives the Vizarian Sirens. They start out KOS to you, so if you get near them they will attack you! If you kill any of them you will loose the precious faction you are trying to gain, so best to stay clear of this area!

Once you get the +12000 faction necessary you are finally ready to start the quest!

Imirial the Seducer finally likes me!

Quest: Encroaching Miners

Imirial the Seducer is finally talking to you and has offered you a quest to kill 10 miners and 10 enforcers. This should seem like a piece of cake now that you have just killed 480 of them! After completion of this quest go back to Imirial the Seducer for the turn in.

Entering the Pantherhood

Quest: Decapacitate the Enforcers

After completing the last quest Imirial the Seducer is finally ready to give you the final quest. This time she wants you to bring back the heads of the 4 lieutenants. They always spawn in the same spot and do have Place Holders (Check out my crude map here of their locations).

Each one will drop a head for every member of your group.

After you have each of their heads, go back to Imirial the Seducer and turn them in for your very own Panther Illusion Mask! There are 2 versions of the mask and you can pick the one that suits you best. The effect on both masks are the same!


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs