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Part 1 - K.A.I.N. N' Abled

To get the quest, talk to the Spectral Projection at the base of the new city on the hill by Pantheon. She is on a platform just above the entrance to Pantheon of the Ancients.

The mobs in the city will drop the essences required for this quest. The Xerklin Stone Mender, little gremlin dudes, drop one type, the golems (Titanic Builder) mobs another, and the third from the ogres (Ancient Stone Mover) up near the top. The drops are per person (not shared group loot) so just get the quest and group up to kill enough so everyone gets their drops.

Once you have the essences, go back to the quest lady and click the three beacons surrounding her.

Part 2 - Quest Name needed

You get this quest from the same npc at the base of the tower.

You need to kill three sages, located at different static locations around the mountainside.

The first, Uaarik Sage Aron, is under a stone canopy kind of on a clearing. (loc: -44719, -61745, 14163)

The second sage, Uaarik Sage Ikor, is again under a canopy, just across from an empty platform held by a giant stone hand. (loc: -53732, -61504, 27883)

The third mob, Uaarik Sage Utau, is up at the top on some big stone steps with a bunch of the ogres. The sage spawns on the middle of the stairway. (loc: -69596, -56933, 44472)

For these fights all in the group need levi, also the mob is rooted, you need to get on the platform, before getting levi. Be sure to clear all the mobs, also the roamers, or they will add.

Part 3 - Blessing of the Chosen

Once you complete part 2, you can be teleported into Pantheon. Joseph The Chosen One will give you the quest (he stands at the entrance, in front of a force field that blocks the way).

There are 6 hints to find the pages for the update:

  1. Where a cherry blossom mourns the lost
  2. In a pit that hungers for souls
  3. In a nest of fiery corruption
  4. In a lake formed of tears
  5. Atop a plateau of scorching winds
  6. Where a muse guards a crystal prison

The locations for these are as follows:

Where a cherry blossom mourns the lost (Page 48)

Easy straight forward fight.

Rift to Tanvu (make sure you have a flying mount). Fly up the hill to the east to find a little cottage with a cherry tree. There are two peaks side by side with a cherry tree, you want the one further east. loc: 86346, -6295

The page is at the base of the tree. Clicking the page will spawn a titan projection, level 54 4 dot. So I think you need a stance pusher at least for this fight, as well as the dps to get past the regen buff.

In a pit that hungers for souls (Page 93)

Need run speed, levi is no go, summon works wonders! as well you can be on mount for this)

In the Sundering Wastelands there is a big pit dungeon: Gulgrethor Fortress (lvls 18-20). Near the bottom is a pit that if you fall in, it eats your soul. The page is located on the big chain that hangs down into this pit, you'll need to jump from one of the sides and land on the chain. Also, levitate does not work in this zone.

In a nest of fiery corruption (Page 62)

In Glade of Shadows, there are a bunch of lava drakelings and the named dragon Krassin. The page is located at Krassin's spawn point. It is not necessary to kill Krassin to get the update.

In a lake formed of tears (Page 111)

Straight forward fight, need enduring breath.

In Frostshard Lake at the bottom, underneath the big fallen pillar. loc: -46309, -50312, 31935

Atop a plateau of scorching winds (Page 14)

This is a rough fight, depending on the buff he has (Infusion of the Pantheon), he can do a 10k+ Harm Touch, a complete heal at mid fight and other different things.

Located in Cragwind Ridge, directly north of the riftway there are three towers. It is on the medium sized towers. On one can be spawned a Cyclops Projection.

Where a muse guards a crystal prison (Page 27)

Heavy mana drain, 3k hit's on tank, furious. Not sure if the manadrain is AE, but the healers in fight was behind the mob, and they got drained. Thoughts for next time, try and have mana healers ranged, bring non boxed DSC.

In the Trickster's Haven Dungeon (Razad): You'll need someone who can get past the painting, and also into the locked room way down in the Cyclops area. The projection spawns in the big room with the end boss. loc: -17190, 54398, -829

Gaining access

The Red Potion.png
The Blue Potion.png

Once you have the six pages, you can go back to Joseph and talk to him, he will rewards you with two potions (a red and a blue one). In order to access the Pantheon, you need to click on the "correct" one, which for the most people will be the red one.

The red potion lets you stay inside and lets you continue with the next access quest part at the sentries. The blue potion teleports you into a PvP arena on the Isle of Tears (south of Tehatamani), where you need to solo kill 50 easy but extremely high HP mobs to cleanse your soul. You can then return to the beginning of the pages quest. As a little "reward" for taking this longer route, you get a clickable item to spawn a random decorative object on the ground, which can be activated by anyone to get a 10 minute HP regeneration buff. So, this detour may still be an option for some players, even though it is officially the "wrong" potion.