Predicting an NPC's Deck

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This page will contain information about the new Multi-Deck feature that NPCs will have and how we can use what information may be available to us to predict which cards and NPC might have in its deck.

So far we believe that each NPC will be assigned a fixed number of decks of cards and that which deck will be used will be determined randomly at the start of the Parley.

The decks of cards assigned to each NPC will include cards selected from the full list of NPC cards based on the NPC's Station, Race, and Demeanor, as well as cards that will be available to all NPCs. i.e some cards might only ever be played by Academics but never by Soldiers, and others might be solely available to the Vulmane. When you first hail an NPC it is supposed to be possible to determine its Demeanor from the initial text displayed.

More to follow... once we know more :-)

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