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Class psionicist.png
Type: Caster
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Wands, Staves, Focus, Daggers
Shields: Yes
Special Abilities: Mind Spy, Meta Mind
Diplomacy Expression: Reason Diplomacy Reason Icon.png
Free to play restriction: Limited to level 20.


The Psionicist is primarily a damage dealer with a secondary role of crowd control. The Pscionicist also offers many utlity abilities to its group such as regeneration buffs, counter spelling, the ability to read the enemy’s mind and group invisibility.

The psionicist is the master of the psionic energies. Their abilities grant power to blast foes with mental blasts, create destructive spells that decimate all within a large area, bend time to trap an opponent, and even take control of a foe entirely. The psionicist uses their powers to destroy the enemy ranks an to protect and augment allies. The psionicist is a poor melee combatant, but their vast mental powers more than make up for it.


Psionicist Abilities



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Psionicist Armor Sets

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