Purification of Graystone

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Quest Giver

Quest Text

The spirit of Valor says, "Graystone must be purified. The spirits of our great knights have been summoned from their peaceful rest. They have been defiled, dishonored, and corrupted by fiends and liches."

"You must find the means to summon our knights, as well as their tormentors, and deliver them up unto our divine judgment."

"This will be a long task, but fear not! You will be justly rewarded for your valor."

Quest Objectives

Summon and dispatch knights Patro, Jaraen and Locreth, and fiends Epo'Wroj, Phoreon, and Torjor.

You will find the means to summon them with the Spirit of Vengeance in the first underground room of Graystone.

Quest Rewards