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Qalia map.png

Qalia is one of the three continent of Telon, capital cities are Ahgram, Khal, Mekalia and Hathor Zhi.

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  • From the Art Book that comes with the Limited Edition:

The tough, ruthless nature of Qalia's inhabitants reflects the continent's scorched landscape. A myriad of human nations once ruled this arid land but the cataclysm destroyed most and chaos embroiled the rest.

The great Qaliathari city of Ahgram still stands and serves as an anchor of order and stability. North of Ahgram lies the port city Khal. Khal remains loyal to Ahgram and plays host to traders from Thestra, the Kojani Archipelago and beyond. The Oasis is home to the barbaric varanthari and feline kurashasa. These savage warrior races raid the Ahgram trade caravans nearly as often as they hire on to protect them.

The xenophobic gnomes of Mekalia rarely venture from their underground stronghold, though they occasionally barter with the other races. The gnomes do seek assistance from adventurers to repel the minotaur slavers and cold-blooded tribes of lizardmen who have encroached into the gnome territories.

Ancient ruins and pyramids from the precataclysmic Mordebi nation draw treasure seekers to western Qalia. The treasure-filled tombs prove no easy prey. A deathless host guards them, sworn to protect that which lies within. On the southern coast of Qalia, the alien seers of Kheolim roam. It is said that they mutter secrets best left forgotten to powerful sages brave enough to earn their respect.

Among the dark elves, a mad price has incited civil war. He discovered an ancient source of power and a means to awaken the war drakes that had slumbered for centuries in the fires of Mount Stiirhad. Armed with this power, he demanded the dark elves accept his rule. When they refused, he turned against his kin, transforming his unfortunate victims into elemental spirits of fire and pain. The remaining free dark elves have gathered in Pankor Zhi to nurse their injured pride and plot their revenge. For the first time in centuries, the dark elves have turned to the other races of Qalia for aid. Their plight has been met with cynicism and a cautious diplomatic response.