Ra'Jin Stronghold

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Ra'Jin Stronghold.jpg

This dungeon is located in Tanvu and has a level range from 8-11.



  • [8] Ra'Jin Senshi
    Given By: Shaof (Located on the second floor of the Abandoned hotel East of Ra'Jin Stronghold)
    • Kill 6 Senshi
  • [8] Abducted Woman
    Given By: Shaof
    • Find the Abducted Woman (IF you get close you will get the update but if you stick around she will turn into Reijin Gihen 9x2, a named)
  • [9] Ra'Jin rooftops (Small Group)
    Given By: Shaof
    • Kill 4 Ra'Jin Tokudan

(There are only one or two places to get onto the roof for some old fashioned Kung Fu movie style fighting. If you can't find your way up here is a screen of the easiest place to climb. RoofTops) Gravity is reduced on the roofs so it might take you a few minutes to get your judgement down. Remember if you get in trouble they will not follow you to the next rooftop.

  • [10] Master Uiza-do Kahn (Small Group)
    Given By: Shaof
    • Kill 4 Uiza-do
    • Bring Back Master Uiza-do's Head