Rahz Inkur

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Rahz Inkur 1.jpg
Chunk Rahz Inkur.png Chunk: Rahz Inkur
Continent: Qalia
North Chunk: Razad
West Chunk: Varryn Dunes
South Chunk: Afrit
East Chunk: Sands of Sorrow
Closest Riftway: Razad
Detailed Graphic: click here


Known Quests

Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss
Zull Flametail
Khazkal the Mercenary
Pitmaster Kurrak
Flare Strike
Wyverncaller Khelorik
Nefarious Titan
Heroic Gorehorn
Cowardly Gorehorn
Cyclops Warmaster
Fiery Zull Orb
Greater Zull Orb