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* Rulz (Dreadbringer of Chaos)A9, K7 requries 5 portal shards to summon.
* Rulz (Dreadbringer of Chaos)A9, K7 requries 5 portal shards to summon.
* [[Salimar the Champion]] (Might of the Zull) C6,H6 'or' B1,H8
* [[Salimar the Champion]] (Might of the Zull) C6,H6 'or' B1,H8
* Salizi(The Lawbringer) E6, I4 tpo of the tower and requires 5 portal shards to summon.
* Salizi (The Lawbringer) E6, I4 tpo of the tower and requires 5 portal shards to summon.
* Zelahi (Torchbearer of Unity)
* Zelahi (Torchbearer of Unity)
* [[Talisar the Tamer]] A9, J3
* [[Talisar the Tamer]] A9, J3
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* [[Greatwing Phoenix]] E6, I4  
* [[Greatwing Phoenix]] E6, I4  
* [[Pyrewing]] roams near C2, I9
* [[Pyrewing]] roams near C2, I9
* Zull Efreet Soothsayer C0, L6

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Rahz Inkur.gif
The seals are not correct on this map! The correct seal is allways in the opposite area, so the seal of darkness is in the light area (southeast).

This dungeon is located in Rahz Inkur and has a level range from 43-50.


  • Djalem (The Lightbringer) B4, I0 requires 5 portal shards to summon.
  • Industrialist Shipwright Colis
  • Lahzul (Scion of Order)
  • Sulimil (Watcher of the Shadows)
  • Zulasi (Master of Chaos)
  • Rahluz (Patron of the Arena) A7, I4
  • Ahzali (The Divided Lord) F0, L6 requires 5 portal shards to summon.
  • Ahzek the Templar (Chosen of the Zull) B4, K1
  • Razthil (Flamemaster of the Zull) E5, H7
  • Rulz (Dreadbringer of Chaos)A9, K7 requries 5 portal shards to summon.
  • Salimar the Champion (Might of the Zull) C6,H6 'or' B1,H8
  • Salizi (The Lawbringer) E6, I4 tpo of the tower and requires 5 portal shards to summon.
  • Zelahi (Torchbearer of Unity)
  • Talisar the Tamer A9, J3
  • Zuthalis (Merchant Prince of the Zull) 52
  • ALUUL (The Schism) B7, K2 requires 3 orbs of aluul to summon.
  • DJUUL (The Uniter) B7, K2 requries 3 orbs of djuul to summon.
  • Hound of Rahz D1, J8
  • Khorr (Ravager of Chaos Undivided)
  • MAJORDOMO DJARN D1, J9 has a ph
  • Shaluu (Lord of Divided Unity)
  • Slaughterhound 53
  • Torlaxis (Greathound of Rahz)
  • WARLORD SESKARLAN (Warlord of Rahz Inkur) C3,J4
  • Flarehound Stalker roams near' F0, L6 has a ph
  • Flare Maiden Overseer roams near B7, K7 has a ph
  • Zezzexxezzexx E3, H5
  • Greatwing Phoenix E6, I4
  • Pyrewing roams near C2, I9
  • Zull Efreet Soothsayer C0, L6

General Information

Rahz Inkur is a zone you’ll probably spend a lot of time in. There are a handful of quests outside that lead to items that will help you with equipped effects inside Rahz. There is also a quest for a 30 slot bag, and a fairly nice mask. These quests mostly originate at the Deliverance outpost.

The thing that causes Rahz to be perceived as a challenging zone is that the Efreeti related mobs, the giants, the scorpions and everything inside the actual Rahz Inkur city are immune to almost everything. No fear, no stun, no root, no slow, no snare, no mez, no charm, no lull. This means you will usually need a full group, and pick up groups inside Rahz usually end up in summoning corpses.

While killing mobs in the Rahz Inkur and Afrit zones, you will notice Seering Stones and, if you’re lucky, Bag of Searing Stones (50x Seering Stones) drop from mobs. These bags can be traded for items, faction, spells, weapons and more from the NPC’s inside the Afrit outpost. To begin with, you won’t have many things to purchase with your bags, however as you increase your Var Efreeti faction, you will be offered more quests and better rewards. By default, you should have the “Provision: Var Concoctions” quest open to you. Through this quest, you will be able to trade bags for Zullbane Serum which has an effect of 30 second mez on Efreeti mobs. This is going to be your only form of CC, and in many cases the only way through a tough pull if you’re shorthanded. Every bag you turn in gives you 50 faction, and as you gain more faction you will open up quests for better rewards.

With the advent of riftways and rentable flying mounts, Rahz Inkur has become a lot easier. It is not uncommon for a healer to rent a mount at Razad, fly to the Oracle Tower at Rahz, and summon the group in. From this point, you can basically get anywhere inside Rahz. This definitely takes away a large amount of the challenge this zone provides, some guilds even leave low level healers on this tower and just log them in when its time to summon the group in or check on which nameds are up and available. Although this does give you an advantage, one thing to remember is any mob inside Rahz Inkur has a chance of dropping level 50 spells. I have personally seen them drop off trash more often than off a named. So if you are interested in the level 50 spells, remember each mob you skip could be the mob that drops your spell.

Psionicists, bards and all other CC type classes will definitely be frustrated by the immunity the Efreeti enjoy from all of the CC abilities. Rahz Inkur however is a zone that will definitely make you appreciate the monks out there. A good monk in Rahz is akin to bard or psi pulling. A monk can split almost anything up in Rahz with relative ease. As long as a monk aggros more than 3 mobs, attacks the mob he wants and then FD’s , if the FD is successful all but one mob will remain camping the FDed monk. The group can then go in for the kill. Whether or not this is intended seems to be debatable but it’s been petitioned countless times and seems to be here to stay. I can only assume it is intended to limit FD but has this amusing and useful side effect.

Rahz Inkur is divided into 5 distinct areas. Light, Dark, Chaos, Order and the Palace. Each area has rifts, and Forbidden Treasure scattered throughout it. The mobs in each area also drop area specific vials. The rifts will give your area specific dusts, powders (require 5 dusts to make one powder) and sometimes portal shards. Each area seems to have two named mobs associated with it, and each named mob drops a portal shard. When you collect 5 portal shards, you can use them to summon a rarer named mob at any one of the 4 normal summoning locations (palace exempt). These summoned mobs in turn, drop either a Sigil of Aluul or a Sigil of Djuul. Collect three of each type of sigil and you can summon the corresponding named at the Flame of Reckoning. Now, although all these summoned mobs have great loot tables and some of the more difficult to summon mobs drop some of the best loot currently available; remember that you will need to summon these mobs for the helm quest, so unless you’ve already completed the questline it would be wise not to summon Aluul or Djuul until you are on that part of the quest – that is 18 named kills you won’t have to worry about if you save them. That being said, once you get used to Rahz, and can navigate your way through it, 18 nameds doesn’t take as long as it sounds to get through if you’re working as a group.

On another note, the quests outside provide some useful tools that you can use during this quest line. The two that would be most useful to your tank are the quest for Zull Orb Goggles (“This enchantment protects against mesmerize and movement inhibiting spells”) and Pendant of Banishment (“This enchantment protects against elemental spells, particularly fire”).



There is a camp in this zone (west of Rahz Inkur dungeon) called Deliverance. There are several quests to take, also you might want to grab the one from Deelo, you can find her in the quarry.

Afrit Helmet Questline

  • Shadow of the Zull - Level 48
    from Majordomo Nerox in Afrit
  • Dawn of the Zull - Level 48
  • Rise of the Zull - Level 50
  • Day of the Zull - Level 50
  • Dusk of the Zull - Level 50
  • Twilight of the Zull - Level 50
  • Night of the Zull - Level 50

Drop Quest

  • Var Challenge: Slay Ahzali - Level 50
  • Var Challenge: Slay Rulz - Level 50
  • Var Challenge: Slay Zelahi - Level 50
  • Var Challenge: Slay Salizi - Level 50

Questline Walkthrough

Shadow of the Zull

  • Zull Cyclops Trainers (8)
  • Zull Wyverncallers (10)
  • Zull Convokers (10)
  • Zull Scorpion Tamers (10)

This is really simple, basically lap around Rahz Inkur and kill the required mobs. You’ll find high concentrations of the mobs at the points I’ve marked on the map. If you work in a circle, you shouldn’t have too much downtime on repops since by the time you’re back to a spot you’ve cleared, they should have popped again. There are a few named out here, a wyvern (Flare Strike), a wyvern caller (Wyverncaller Khelorik), a giant (Khazkal the Mercenary), a titan (Nefarious Titan) and a few others, so you’ll be able to pick up some loot and a few portal shards. Once you’re done, summon Balzabor and turn in your quest. Okay, now you get to go inside.

Dawn of the Zull

  • Zull Efreeti (10)
  • Zull Efreeti Guards (10)
  • Zull Efreeti Flameguards (10)

Well, the first challenge here comes at the gates, unless you’re in a group of level 50’s, taking on 3 guards with no CC available to you can be a daunting task. If you’re not up for the challenge, or shorthanded, you can always get someone to train the mobs away, go inside and summon the volunteer back in AFTER he loses aggro. The efreeti, guards and flamguards are all over. There is a high concentration of flame guards around the Flame of Reckoning area, and the rest of the stuff is basically impossible to miss. Once you’re done, summon Balzabor to continue. Now at this point you are asked to make a choice in the type of beacon you’d like. What’s important to understand is that AS A GROUP, you will need 15 beacons of EACH type. Since these are soulbound, it is a waste of time if more than one person in your static group picks the same beacon. Make sure that you have all 4 of the beacon types covered.

Rise of the Zull

  • Portal Stone of Chaos (1)
  • Portal Stone of Order (1)
  • Portal Stone of Darkness (1)
  • Portal Stone of Light (1)

Well this part is what usually takes people the longest to complete. To give you the gist of it, the vials you’ve been getting as drops, and the dusts and powders you’ve been collecting from the rifts are combined together ( 1 vial and 1 powder(5 dusts) ) to make a beacon. Now, you need 15 beacons of the same type to summon the mob associated to that beacon. So say you have collected 15 beacons of chaos, you will need to go to the Seal of Chaos, right click the beacons, kill the named that appears and then loot the portal stone of chaos from his corpse. This is a quest drop and everyone in the group who has the quest will be able to loot a portal stone.

If you are a group of friends who don’t always play during the same times of day, it could work if you each undertake a different type of beacon and once someone has 15, summon together for credit. However, if you have a very steady static one person could potentially collect them all, specially if they play more than the others. Also, if you have a skilled rogue or other stealther in your group, they will be surprised how quickly they’ll learn to stay alive harvesting rifts at Rahz. +sneak gear and a good memory of which rifts are easier than others will help… and being level 50 will definitely soften the blow on the deaths. Remember the vials are tradeable but the powders are not so you will have to decide what will work best for you and how to go about collecting them.

Day of the Zull

  • Ahzali Slain
  • Rulz Slain
  • Salizi Slain
  • Zelahi Slain

Compared to the previous part, this is very simple. All you have to do is summon nameds with portal shards at each one of the seals. This will require a total of 20 portal shards, and if you’ve been collecting them since you started the quest you should be close to if not surpassing that. One thing of note here is, if someone in your group has more than 4,000 Var Efreeti faction, they will be able to trade 10 bags of seering stones for 1 portal shard at Afrit. Although I would suggest using the bags for better stuff, if you’re desperate for shards and have someone with the faction, this is available to you. Each named will drop a sigil, designate someone to collect these. Remember you need 3 sigils of each type. NOTE: If you have any of the "Var Challenge: Slay xxx" quests, you may (seems to be hit or miss) NOT get credit for this part of the quest if you kill a named associated to a challenge quest you have. Make sure you abandon any challenge quest that overlaps a named you want quest credit for when you are working on Day of the Zull.

Twilight of the Zull

  • Head of Aluul (1)
  • Head of Djuul (1)

This part is fairly simple but can be very time consuming. Basically all you have to do is hunt nameds in Rahz and collect enough sigils to summon both of these guys. Since the type of sigil the nameds drop seem random; you may get more than what you need on one type, and have a shortage on the other. Once you have them all, summon them at the Flame of Reckoning. You may want to clear the room, even though you should be fine if you bunch up at the middle of the star.

Dusk of the Zull

  • Zull Palace Guards (10)
  • Zull Palace Enforcers (10)
  • Zull Palace Sorcerers (10)
  • Zull Palace Templars (10)
  • Zull Flame Mistresses (10)

Well at this point, you’ve basically covered most of Rahz. You’ve spent time outside and at all four corners inside, the last two quests that are left both deal with the palace area. For this quest, you will be killing palace trash mobs. There are some tricky pulls here, and if everyone isn’t level 50 you may pull unwanted aggro moving around. In a full group, this shouldn’t take too long, and it feels productive since you can kill Djarn if he pops to keep you busy, and since the mobs you kill have a chance to drop efreeti bloods. For you crafters out there, Industrialist Shipwright Colis who can also be found in the palace drops artisan production manuals.

Night of the Zull

  • Purified Efreeti Essence (1)

Now comes the fun part, you will need to obtain 5 Blazing Efreeti Essence. These only drop off of 2 normal nameds, they are Majordomo Djarn and Warlord Seskarlan. After you kill them, there will be a sphere floating above their head which will give you the Efreeti Essence. The problem is, each kill gives only 1 person 1 sphere, and you will each need 5 to continue. There are two other nameds who drop these, they are summoned at the Seal of Rahz, Khorr and Shaluu. These guys drop great gear, but to summon them you will need to collect 24 Golden Efreeti Coins from the Forbidden Treasures littered throughout the zone, as well as collect 10 Mark of Unity Divided or Mark of Chaos Undivided. So where do you get the marks? Well, killing mobs inside the palace (Where Majordomo Djarn is located), you will see random drops of Vial of Powerful Efreeti Blood. They have a chance of dropping from any mob with the word “palace” in the name. Once you get one of these, goto the Seal of Rahz, and right click it, you will summon a dog who could drop a mark. The heroic mark is of course, much rarer. Finally, if you get lucky you may get a named dog, Torlaxis.

All in all, this part will be camping the room for a few days, killing palace guards for blood, summoning dogs for marks and killing Djarn or Warlord when they pop. Once that is over, you have one last fight and you get the legendary helm. Enjoy your new helm, this will probably stay with you for a while.

Rewards of the Questline

Learnable Spells

The player has to tank the mob, when it is down to around the 50% mark you have a chance of getting an update.

  • Shaman: Spear of the Ancestors III
    learned from Zull Efreeti Flameguard
  • Bard: Fox Overtakes The Hare III
    learned from Merchants
  • Cleric: ?Ward?
    learned from Zull Efreeti Templar
  • Rogue: Death Whirl II
    learned from ??