Rakshasa Citadel

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Rakshasa Citadel.gif
Citadel entrance

This dungeon is located in the chunk Sunset Pointe and has a level range from 40-45.


  • A Shiekaar's Throne Room
  • B Descrier Portal
When you have finished all quests for Fuer Tet, you will be able to click this portal and teleport to the world of the descriers.


Related Quests

Questgivers are standing outside to the southeast of the entrance.

  • Secrets of the Citadel
    Questgiver Kian Maux
    • Ahnd'Ka Killed (0/10)
  • Know Thy Enemy
    Questgiver Hunter Elan
    • Tome of the Rakshasa (0/6)
  • Recovering the Artifacts
    Questgiver Hunter Elan
    • Rakshasan Artifacts (0/8)
  • For Medicinal Purposes
    Questgiver Hunter Shre'Dar
    • Teufel Horn (0/10)
  • House Keeping
    Questgiver Hunter Shre'Dar
    • Ahnd'Ka Slain (0/10)
    • Cultists Slain (0/10)
    • Projections of Rakshasa Slain (0/10)
    • Reconnoiter Slain (0/10)
    • Teufel Slain (0/10)
    • Descriers Slain (0/5)

Behind The Portal

World of the descriers.

You can only get here after finishing the quests for Fuer Tet.

Behind the portal you will find the world of the descriers. Fight your way north to some kind of plateau where Enslaved Summoners will spawn.

When you start killing those summoners, there is a chance after each kill, that WARLORD KHURANG will spawn.

There is also a A Mysterious Essence standing to the east on a platform. This mob is a God Warrior for the PotA questline.

Enslaved Summoner 01.png