Remains of Castle Landsview

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Remains of Castle Landsview.gif

This dungeon is located at the Coastal Graveyard and has a level range from 20-25.

Map Key

  • a Gulgrethor Seer PH for something?
  • b Kanju The UnHeard 4x23 PH is a Guelgrethor Ambusher
  • c Provisioner Taniyeo 5x24 PH is a Guelgrethor Supplier
  • d Gulgrethor Warlord, Chiefton, and Warlock
  • e Landsview Peasents' NPCs
  • f Sir Garonth 5x24 PH is the Landsview Knight
  • g Magister Lanara 5x24 PH is one of the Landsview Sorcerers
  • h Vicar Janath 5x24 PH is one of the Landsview Priests
  • i Landsview Scribe 23 x 4 NPC