Rindol Field

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Nestled deep within the foothills of the Widows Veil Peak Mountains sits the rustic Halfling settlement of Rindol Field. Established centuries ago, Rindol Field was spared the devastation other communities endured during the Orc and Goblin Wars by camouflaging the entire village thus remaining completely hidden. The area has seen a facelift or two over the years, but the Halflings have basically kept their village in the same state their ancestors did. Halflings carve large holes into the foothills and decorate the entrance with a welcoming facade. The dwellings keep their rotund bodies cool in the summer and snug in the winter. Halflings begin their journey in Rindol Field and upon arrival will feel immediately welcome.

The village is not without its share of troubles though. Lately, large ants have been ravaging the harvest fields and have gone as far as to start forcing their way into some resident's homes. There is constant squabbling between the Mayor and his chief rival as they vie for influence and control over the village. The political divide has split the town right down the middle, much like the North River that flows along the village's eastern edge. Residents on both sides blame the other for the recent appearance of mischievous brownies that are causing all sorts of mayhem. One thing both sides can agree on is that the brownies are stealing the village's primary food and drink supply at the old Rindol Storehouse and something needs to be done about it. Can you imagine visiting the local pub without Bria's award winning brie and flat bread and a smooth pint of honey mead to wash it down?

Rindol Field is west of Tursh Village.


  • Bilstro Residence (Nr 3)
  • Brias Mill (Nr 14)
  • Brunwist Residence (Nr 4)
  • Dackles General Goods
  • Grimbo Family Residence (Nr 5)
  • Luewinder Residence
  • Mayors Residence
  • Murragus Residence (Nr 8)
  • Pennstump Family Residence
  • Pennstump Household
  • Rindol Family Residence (Nr 2)
  • Rindol Field Market (Nr 12)
  • Rindol Hill
  • Shimmerleaf Brownie Sanctuary (Nr 2)
  • Storehouse Guardpost
  • Swiftfoot Residence (Nr 6)
  • The Barons Tooth Tavern (Nr 1)
  • Tree of Knowledge (Nr 7)
  • Ulwines Armor and Weapons (Nr 9)