Rindol Storehouse

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Rindol Storehouse 2.jpg
Rindol Storehouse.jpg

This dungeon is located in Tursh Village and has a level range from 04-08.



Storehouse Guardpost

  • [5] Take Back the Mill (Solo)
    Given by Guard Paylan at Storehouse Guardpost
    • Slay 3 Redcap Bonemillers
    • Slay 5 Recap Bonecollectors
  • [6] Failings of the Mayor (Small Group)
    Given by Tharrin Granitebeard at Storehouse Guardpost
    • Recover a Basket of Food

Tursh Academy

  • [8] Brave Student (Small Group)
    Given by Alphonse at Tursh Academy
    • Find Dizak Lothred
    • [8] Research Recovery (Small Group)
      Given by Dizak Lothred inside the Storehouse

Rindol Storehouse

  • [7] The Strangest Brew (Small Group)
    Drop-Quest from Halfling Stein
    • Take Samples From the Four Vats
  • [6]The Stolen Locket
    Drop-Quest from Rusten's Locket
    • Use the clues written on the locket itself to locate the lockets rightful owner.
  • [7] Spirits' Reprieve
    Drop-Quest from Restless Soul's Essence
    • Collect 15 soul essences from spirits.


This is where the Halflings of Rindol Field store their food in anticipation of winter being patched in. This is also where the Redcap brownies have discovered a great source of free food to allay any need for them to actually do any work themselves. The Halflings have a bit of an issue with this. It's the wee ones against the wee-er ones in the neverending battle for six square meals a day! It is perhaps odd that, though this was the storehouse for Rindol Field, none of the quests for it actually originate there.