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SANO.png Name: SANO
Level: 43
Difficulty: 6
Race: Human
Type: Quest mob
Location: On a pillar underneath Spire of Decakin
(62610, 39743, 20962)
Chunk: Spires Keep

Related Quests

  • [45] Revelations
    Kill Sano the Fixer and recover what information he has on the Umbral Syndicate. (3:30 minutes)

SANO (The Fixer)

Sano is the third and final encounter of the seventh chapter in the Griffon quest. After finishing the flying race, you will be standing before Wendy Weimann that initiates the encounter.

Hail her to begin the quest. She asks you if you are ready to confront Sano and if you answer affirmatively, will teleport you to the pillar where he stands.

He will be on the lower pillar in the center.

Sano will be standing in the center of the pillar while you fight him. When first you talk to Sano, he will teach you how to fight him. He will also give you a griffon that you need to equip and mount.

When you have mounted the griffon, a new quest will be available. Before you take this, you should take off so that you are actually flying.

When you take the quest you will get a massive faction hit against Sano. This takes you to maximum negative faction and should allow Sano to be aggressive against you. As soon as he attacks you, the fight has started.

Hiding behind a sphere and countering a spell.

In the air above the pillar you will see 5 spheres. All the spheres except for one should be stationary. The strategy for beating Sano is, that you need to reflect his powerful spells back at him. Each sphere represents one of his five elemental spells and you need to position yourself behind the correct sphere, so that it will reflect the magic back to him and cause him damage. Each succesful reflection will cause Sano 10% damage.

If you fail to reflect a spell it will cause you 20% damage instead.

The way to identify the correct sphere is that it will vibrate rather violently but it will also have a colored circle of particles in front of it.

Most of the other spheres can be seen when you are placed at one of them, if you are in 3rd person camera view and has zoomed out as much as possible.

After Sano is dead a chest will appear next to him. You need to fly down to this chest as quickly as possible and click it. When you click it you will receive Umbral Syndicate Information and be teleported back to Wendy Weimann.

One of the five spheres.


If you get too much damage and feel you are unable to win, fly downwards by the side of the pillar. You will get a message that you are getting too far away from the area and then the quest will reset. You will get summoned back to Wendy Weimann and can try again.

Should you die during the fight, you need to make your way back to the pillar and collect your corpse. It is highly recommended that you have another flying mount for this or have friend ready for ressurection if you dont. The New Targanor riftway is within range for rented flying mounts, if you don't have a Randolph or better.

SPOILER: If you want to know exactly the order of the orbs you need to fly to and wait for the spell to be countered, click here.