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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Ghost
Type: Quest mob
Location: At stone disc on the island.
Chunk: Isle of Shadow

Known drops

  • None

Known abilities


To summon him, you need to kill Dragon Horned Turtles that are roaming the island and loot 20 Ring Shards, those can be used to reconstruct a Memento Ring. When you got the ring and activate it while standing inside the small stone circle, SHADOW will spawn.

He summons a drake add.

Multiple times, he will run away very fast (faster than any bard could get you). Once he stops, he summons the tank, and start hitting him. A bard is therefore a must, and he will need to switch very fast to a run song, so everyone can run fast to Shadow, especially the healers. Heals over time should be put on the tank at all time, as you cannot predict when Shadow will run.

A bloodmage could be able to use lifetaps on regular mobs (turtles) from a distance on the tank, allowing him to heal the tank even when he's separated from the rest of the group.

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