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Shorul the Wee.png Name: SHORUL THE WEE
Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Undead
Location: Old Targonor
Chunk: Old Targonor

SHORUL THE WEE is a level 53, 6 dots named mob related to the Griffon Quest line, more specifically the Memories of the Old Blood quest.

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Greed of the Wee: -200 dodge, -200 Strengh, -200 Intelligence (it's presumably transfered to him, since he has a buff called by the same name on him at the same time),
  • Curse: Suffering Darkness: -80% damages, it's active for 40 seconds, then inactive for 20 more seconds. Occurs during all the fight.
  • Unkown name: Massive manadrain, line of sight based, occurs at 50% of his life and until the end.


The tank must stand at the feet of the west tower of the arch (the one with the big rock on the side), he pulls from here. Beware, at first aggro, he will be mezzed and wont be able to do anything.

Once he can raise his aggro, he has to place Shorul his back against the wall, and place himself at maximum melee range. The idea is to be in the line of sight of the healers hiding behind the rock while Shorul can't see them. Shorul casts a line of sight based mana drain around 50% of his life.

If there is no disciple (which are able to melee heal effectively), the melee dps must stay besides the tank, or move behind the rock whenever they need heals.

The ranged dps (only spell based, since bows/crossbows can't be used because of the mez) must stay behind the tank, at maximum range in order to avoid the manadrain as much as possible.

The efforts must be focus when the Curse is off (20 seconds every minutes), the rest of the time ; keep your strenghts.

Faction details

  • Tursh Village: +100
  • New Targonor: +100
  • Thestran Watch: +100
  • Cartheon Empire: -100


In Old Targonor.

Once the chunk wide message appears, he walks from the west, towards the Gorzenag's Arch (where the fight must occur).

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