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Difficulty: 6
Type: Named
Location: Library Wing or
Marina Wing or
Vault Wing
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Major Stance: Rainbow Scales: Damage Shield. Regeneration starts around 40%.
  • Allergic to physical (heals him) and DoTs.
  • Weak to Spiritual.
  • Aquatic Complications: Melee & Spell Refresh Timers: +25%. Energy & Endurance Costs: +25%.


He is not aggressive at first, the raid can position before the fight on his path (ideally at the end of the sewer).

DoTs and physical abilities/proc must be avoided. Regularely, he will summon adds, the raid must kill them using AoEs.

When the Stance (Rainbow Scales) appears, everyone stops attacking, and the abled classes must push it. Once it's gone, the fight can continue.

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