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Level: 6
Difficulty: 53
Race: Ghost
Type: Quest mob
Location: At a pole, next to the ledge, close to the hobgoblins ruins.
Chunk: Ridge of Memories

Known drops

  • None

Known abilities

  • Symbol of the Griffon Knights: Damage: +100%.
  • Major Stance: Counter Pose - Chance to Riposte: +75%


To summon him, you need to kill Hobgoblin Desecrator that are roaming close to his position and loot 20 Piece of a Painting, those can be used to reconstruct a Painting. When you got the painting and activate it while standing close to the pole, STRIFE MCCLOUD will spawn.

He's rooted and has his back against the pole. The tank will want to move a bit, to allow rogues, monks or other classes abled to teleport behind mobs, to do it during the fight.

At some points, he will summon a herd of small griffons. They will come from the east, running toward Strife. They will do massive aoe damage to whoever stay in the area. Group members will have to move early north of Strife, on the ledge, and with levitate if they don't want to be pushed far away.

The tank will have to stay in the middle, but he will be pushed even with levitate, too far to be healed, then summoned back to Strife. He will need heals over time when Strife start to cast (he will then kneel, making it easy to spot).

The stance needs to be pushed, as it is a large damage shield.

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