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Class Shaman.png
Type: Healer
Primary Stat: Vitality, Wisdom, Constitution
Armor: Medium Armor
Weapons Types: One-handed Blunt, Two-handed Blunt, Two-handed Piercing, Thrown, Hand to Hand
Weapon Specialization None
Shields: Yes
Special Abilities: Patrons, Cannibilize
Diplomacy Expression: Inspire Diplomacy Inspire Icon.png
Free to play restriction: Limited to level 20.


The Shaman, a spiritual defensive caster, bonds with animal spirits to provide healing and melee support.

Shamans gain their powers through communion with the spirits of Telon. They are able to utilize the powers of their ancestors in order to perform great feats of healing and protection. They can also form bons with pwerful animalistic spirits in order to gain access to powerfull spells, animal servants and even the ability to transform into a raging bear, a cunning wolf or brilliant phoenix. Shaman wear medium armor and prefer spears and crushing weapon.


Shaman Abilities


Shaman Quests


Shaman Armor Sets

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