Shidreth Mines

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Shidreth Mines.gif

This dungeon is located between Coterie Infineum Sanctuary and River Valley and has a level range from 24-28.




You will need at least 12k faction to get the quests.

See Panther Illusion Mask Quest for more informations.

  • Encroaching Miners
    • Kill 10 miners
    • Kill 10 enforcers
    • Decapacitate the Enforcers
  • Gather the heads of the four lieutenants.


Available right from the start. The questgiver Head Miner Orgrash stands in the center of the mine (between marker 1 and 2).

  • [28] Vizarian Threat
    • Kill 10 Vizarian Pariahs
    • Kill 10 Vizarian Warpriestesses