Skeleton Illusion Quest

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Skeleton Illusion Quest

In the Plains of Anguish there are some ancient armor that was once lost to the world. Find it, and show it your inner evil to unlock its full potential. Doing so will result in not only a nice piece of armor, but you will also be able to turn yourself into a skeleton.


  • Starting Continent: Thestra
  • Difficulty Rating: Small Group (3 to 4)
  • Starting Quest NPC: Unmarked Armor (dropped item)
  • Starting Required Level: 40
  • Nearest Riftway: Plains of Anguish


Part 1 - The Names of Anguish

PoA named location.jpg


Welcome to the Skeleton Illusion quest walkthrough, we recommend that you be at least level 40 to start this quest. This quest will bring you to the undead area of Plains of Anguish. There is a Red Riftway that leads straight to the outpost there called Haven's Edge. Now in order to begin the quest, you will need to find a piece of armor off of any of the named that spawn inside the Plains of Anguish Chunk.

There are 4 different kinds of armor pieces that you can get, each one for a specific class category. The armor pieces are labeled as followed: Unmarked Mask (caster), Unmarked Belt (healer), Unmarked Shield (tank), Unmarked Gloves (light fighter). Each named will drop one random armor piece each time you kill it.

So now that you know you need one of the Unmarked armor pieces off of the names that spawn in Plains of Anguish, next I will tell you in full detail of every named that I know of that spawn in the Plains.

Update: As far as i know, any mob can drop those unmarked items now. So if you allready found your item, skip to Part 2 to continue.

Drathel Village

First I will talk about the most common of names in the Plains, which are the Forsaken Town Crier, and Mayor Tresan. These 2 names both spawn in the village of Drathel. If you have done any of the quests in the town of Haven's Edge then you have most likely come to the village to slay its occupents. Along the way you may have come across one or both of these names on your travels.

The Forsaken Town Crier stands in the middle of town, next to a fence with an old street light (Check the Location Map located above). He is a level 40 4dot mob and a small group is needed to take this guy down, as he casts some nasty spells. When you do drop him, he will drop one piece of Unmarked Armor and one of his many treasures (including a great bow).

Close by the Town Crier, in the house located to the far northwest of the village, you will find Mayor Tresan pacing about in his house. The house will have many occupents inside, as well as two Town Villagers guarding its entrance. When you do manage to pull him out, get ready for a good fight, as he is a level 40 5dot mob. When he does drop, he will have a random piece of Unmarked Armor as well as one of his many treasures (including great caster gear).

NOTE: Both of these names do not have a PH (Place Holder), if they are not up then you must wait for them to spawn. They are on an approximately two hour respawn timer (educated guess).

Captain Dreavers

Next I will talk about how to go about finding Captain Dreavers. On the location map there will be a mark on it saying "Captain Dreavers", this will bring you to a run down village where level 42 - 43 (3 and 4 dot) Cartheon mobs have taken over. This outpost also had some general quests attached to it that you receive while you are in Haven's Edge.

So in order to kill Captain Dreavers, you will need to spawn him. In order to spawn him, you will need to collect his body parts that drop randomly off of the Cartheon mobs that occupy the village. In total, there are 4 body parts needed: His head, his torso, his legs, and his arms. If you are in a group, have one person collect all 4 parts.

Now, when you have all of the body parts, you will need to go to his grave to spawn him. His grave is located outside of the village (there is a tombstone in the middle of the village that you can click. This is NOT the right grave) to the southeast side. It will be next to a rather large rock, and should be clickable for the person that has all 4 of his body parts.

When you guys are buffed up and ready, have the group standing near the grave, and the puller standing close to the middle of the village. Why? Because once you spawn the Captain, he will spawn in the middle of town. Have the puller, drag him to the rest of the group and start your kill. He will be a level 43 4dot, and look like a green ghost, on a green ghost horse. Kill him and he shall drop an Unmarked Armor piece, as well as some loot.

NOTE: When you spawn dreavers, the body parts used to spawn him will disappear from your inventory. Technically you can spawn him as many times as you like. As long as somebody in your group has the 4 body parts for the turn in, he will spawn.

Archbishop Drakas

Archbishop Drakas is located to the east of the chunk inside of the brotherhood encampment. Specifically he spawn at the top of the hill, inside of the barracks looking building. You can't miss him, as he is the only brotherhood member that is allowed to ride a horse. He never leaves the barracks, he just wanders inside of it. So if you don't see him up, then somebody has killed him recently. If he is up, then get ready for a good fight!

NOTE: None of the brotherhood members see through invis.

Killing him, will not be an easy feat as there are many Brotherhood members inside of the barracks. So pick your strategy and start taking him down. He will be a level 44 5dot mob, the hardest out of all the names. Get ready for a hard fight, especially if you did not bring enough people (or the right people). After you take him down he will drop an Unmarked Armor piece, as well as some nice loot (including a great bard drum!).

Ba'alesaz the Forsaken

Now, if you went to the brotherhood encampment, and killed a few of the members, you might have noticed them dropping a Divine Amulet. This item is used to spawn the last mob (I know of) that drops Unmarked Armor. Take the amulet back to Drathel Village (the one where the Town Crier and the Mayor lives), and kill one of the undead there (while possibly wearing the amulet). This will change the amulet into the Amulet of Divine Brilliance.

Now you might have noticed an empty tower just outside of the village on the north side (near the house the Mayor lives in). While wearing the necklace, you can walk into the tower and spawn Ba'alesaz the Forsaken. Make sure you have a group with you before you spawn him as he is a level 41 5dot, with some nasty spells. Take him down to find a random piece of Unmarked Armor and one of his treasures.

NOTE: Killing him, will make your Amulet of Divine Brilliance disappear from your inventory.

Part 2 - Blood...

Get Your Armor's Attention

By now, you (and everyone wanting to do this quest) have an Unmarked Armor piece in your inventory that you can use. If you look at the stats of the armor you will notice some words at the bottom. They say: Words glow and fade from the gloves: "Blood...". What does this mean exactly? It's actually telling you that it thrives on blood, and not just any blood, your blood!

So in order to feed it your blood, you need to get hit while wearing the piece of armor. Getting hit by any mob you can get experience from will work. It doesn't matter whether it is a 1dot or a 6dot (and dueling works too!). The more you get hit, the better chance you have to satisfy your piece of armor. You will know that you have satisfied your armor piece when a quest window pops up. When this does, accept it and stop attacking stuff for god's sake!

Now that you have the quest, head over to the outpost of Haven's Edge (you know the one that the Plains of Anguish riftway brings you to). In this outpost you will find an NPC pacing inside of a small wooden fenced area. His name will be Teryn Valso. When you talk to him he will tell you that he can feel you are in possession of an armor piece with great power that appears to have not been used for many years. If you go to the fountain here in Haven's Edge, and speak the words "I am evil incarnate", it will awaken your Unmarked Armor piece.

The Fountain is a run-down ornament (doesn't even have water, sheeeesh) just west of where Teryn is. Go there, and say the words (in /say) to update the quest. Go back to Teryn Valso, where you will receive your next quest.

The Slaughter of the Brotherhood

So you wish to unlock the full power of your Armor Piece do you? You think you are as unholy as the legions of Cartheon? That's an amusing thought. The Divine Brotherhood fights against the Cartheon Empire, yet they are scorned by evil themselves. Killing them might empower your Armor Piece.

Unfortunately your piece of armor is very blood thirsty and requires that you kill 100 of the brotherhood gang in order for it to become empowered. The Brotherhood guys live inside of their fortified area (all the way to the east of the zone. You know, where you killed the Archbishop - Just follow the trail of Cartheon Pawns). There will be many different kinds of brotherhood guys, including Priests, Crusaders, Paladins, and even Bishops. All will be around level 42 - 43, and each one will be 3dot, except for the Crusaders which are 4dot. Inside the fortress will be plenty of Brotherhoods to slay (they even spawn fairly quickly), but if you are having trouble with overcrowding, then you can head north (down the cliff some) of their fortress, where you can find another camp of them (a much smaller camp). No matter which ones you decide to kill, they will each give you one update towards your 100 kills.

NOTE: You do not have to wear your armor piece, to get updates.

The Forge of Graystone

Once you have slaughtered your 100, the quest will automatically complete itself. This is when you will have to equip your new armor piece and right click them. This will open up a pop-up window with the new quest. The quest will explain that your armor piece just needs to be roasted in a forge. Unfortunately that forge is located inside of Greystone (a rather large dungeon), and unlucky for you, it is far deep inside of the place.

You will have to slay through many a monster around level 40-43 4dot mobs. The journey will be hard, and the names will be plenty, but eventually you will make it to the forge (Use this picture to help you navigate through Graystone). When you do make it there, make sure you clear a bunch of the mobs that surround the forge, and then you will need to equip your piece of armor, run to the dead center of the forge (inside the flame part) and right click the armor piece. This will update the quest.

Now get out of there! Make your way back to Haven's Edge (Plains of Anguish riftway) to meet up with Teryn Valso. He will have the final quest for you!

The Final Battle

Teryn Valso hasn't seen something like this in a long time. Your armor piece has become a true symbol of evil, and you are but one task away from unlocking its true potential. In the ruins of Old Targanor lives a beast named Garzonag the Guardian. He guards the Cartheon legions from outsiders there and possesses an essence that, if imbued upon your piece of armor, would unlock its most powerful form.

Old Targanor is but one chunk to the west of Plains of Anguish. The safest way I found to get there, would be to approach the chunk from the south, this will allow you to get to the entrance area more easily. The safest way there would be to follow the path that leads into Old Targanor at the entrance, then when you come up to a fork make a right. Follow that path for a little bit, and when it forks again, make a left. In front of you should be 2 small looking towers with a path in the middle. Garzonag will be a very large troll patrolling up and down the path inbetween the 2 towers.

He will be a level 42-46 4dot mob, that will be fairly easy to take down (no harder than any of the other mobs in the chunk). You only have to watch out for his knockback of the tank, but this can easily be countered by casting levitate on the group. So go ahead and easily take him down, but a word of warning. He only drops one Essence of Hatred, which is needed for everyone that wants to complete this part of the quest. If you are with multiple people doing this part, get ready to roll for this piece with them. If you lose, you will have to wait 2 hours for Garzonag to spawn again. He has no Place Holders, all you can do is wait for him to spawn again, or come back later and hope he's up.

NOTE: The Essence of Hate was flagged as trash loot. Therefore if you had turned on the option to automatically distribute your cash loot, it would randomly place the item in a member of your group's inventory (even if they are not on the quest). Since the item is marked "Quest", once it is in their inventory, they cannot trade it.

So once you get your own Essence of Hatred head back to Teryn Valso for the turn- in, and guess what? You are done! You should now have the full version of your armor piece, with a clickable effect that turns you into a skeleton. The skeleton effect lasts for 1 hour and has a 30 minute recast time.


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs