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Class sorcerer.png
Type: Caster
Primary Stat: Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Daggers, Staves, Wands
Weapons Specialization: None
Shields: No
Special Abilities:
Diplomacy Expression: Reason Diplomacy Reason Icon.png
Free to play restriction: None.


The Sorcerer, an arcane offensive caster, has mastery over fire and ice and the greatest power in defense againts enemy spells.

Master of the arcane, manipulator of ice and fire, the sorcerer is known by many names. Sorcerers have the ability to channel the various energies into themselves and then reform this energy to fuel powerful magics. Destruction is the primary job of the Sorcerer, bending fire, frost and mystical energies into powerful damaging spells. They also have formidable defenses against other spell casters. Sorcerers are very poor melee combatants who prefer to launch their spells from behind the front line of combat.


Sorcerer Abilities


Sorcerer Quests


Sorcerer Armor Sets

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